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Fred was once a Dalek from another dimension however because of BB, who had repaired him he believed that he had a heart. So he  became a Fred, a F.R.E.D a something now capable of thought patterns containing feelings like love, compassion and above all curiosity along with fun.  However because his mainframe computer was so badly damaged in an explosion, he has to discover and learn his way through  life at his new Fiddle  Wood  home. As for MayBell, she is of course a MAYBELL and she too like a few of her kind is from the Stars.  Both these two Pals,have the developed habit of getting into scrapes leading to adventures of many an   extraordinary kind upon the TIME  TABLE.
The very first hint of Fred appeared on Benno`s Figure Forum, on the 28th of December 2013 in a story presented by myself under my handle as BB.

These were missing pictures lost during  the so called Free-Post Wars of 2015-2018.  Now found and remastered   this tale can now be shown for the very first time.


Best leave it be Fred.

i'll just give it a quick scan.

Opp`s!  Hello.   It made no sound, but just stood there.
  What is it Fred ?  After a quick scan.....   All my senses indicate it to be an OGEL.

An OGEL NAM  Fred declared.     Well whatever it is Fred another has appeared from that thing.

It reads  SUGAHPOCYS in a roundabout way MayBell.  So now there`s two of these things?

It was a quarter past Slug Patrol tine in Mrs B`s Garden, and as another appeared MayBell decided to get outside and get zapping those sliding gliding things in the outside world.

However Fred , was learning to count in this highly delightful unconventional way. Now there`s three, do you see MayBell?

I most certainly do Freeeee

eeeD! And here comes another.

It`s a Fantastic Transporter MayBell from the olden days of ancient desert dust.

I think we best go Fred. This is getting rather scary! Don`t be silly MayBell, there are only  four. Fred mentioned as his one good eye set upon a view of another arriving.

They seem very regimental MayBell .

You mean as in a army sort of way Fred?   O`, My!  Here comes another. This ain`t good Fred.

Don`t worry so my friend  they seem very peaceful indeed.
 MMMMM I feel a bit uneasy Fred, Lets go.

Another began to appear and seemed to float up out of that created overflowing thing.

MayBell shouts out.  Fred Do Something to Stop it?  OK! Here Goes. A deep laser scan should  stop it. Now it must be said that Fred,is not an expert at stopping transporters from doing what thoses things were designed to do.

Great work Fred, it`s stopped. Yes, and I guess six are welcome for a sort visit?

It was after this a sound like a truck starting up began to splutter!

Soon after that resounding sound had died down to a pulsating throb, another appeared even quicker than the others did.

Fred it`s on overdrive now. MayBell yelled out!

It was soon after that had sunk into Fred`s Nogin,that he too began to panic a concern about this odd time adventure. As more seemed to pour out of that thing.

Pop! Pop! Pop!  They are coming out in leaps and bounds.

Let`s Go Fred!

Follow me MayBell.

Pop! Pop!  Pop!_______________ And even more Pop`s!

                                                                       THE HASTY  RETREAT
      News soon filtered throughout the toy population of the LEGO  MEN  INVASION     


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