Monday, 17 October 2016

Mainly Tanks & Things presented by BB

This is no History Lesson just mostly a cross selection of German Tanks & Armour

i began trolling the photo galleries on line when i began to conceive of plans of filling a train on my railway layout with German Armour of all kinds. It has been a long drawn out project collecting 60 year old antique railway bogies and with the plastic kits already bought has far exceeded my planned budget.   Likewise three trains are full of Flak Guns & German Armour. In itself a real road-trip for me identifying both original Tanks then their many variants.                                                               

I still have many German Tank Riders to collect which will be well fit for my needs as all ride the rails upon my 14 foot table.                                                                                                                                        

Although the one above is a British Tank knocked out after the Normandy landings had taken place.

German Assault Guns knocked out while covering this road junction in both directions somewhere in Russia. It is a pity only the back of the road signs are on view, and not the front.on closer inspection these were abandoned but used for spares first which would account for the odd missing wheels on two of them. Or could they run on three?                                                                                             



Where ever this is,there are no happy to see you faces in the crowd,and i can see only one German with a smile for the camera. Why not see if you can spot him?                                                                                                           

A German Mk 1 Tiger Tank knocked out.

   After Poland was invaded by the Germans. I would like any information concerning this photo.
   For instance were these old Tram Lines?

This seems a funny looking narrow gauge railway pressed into service.I`m glad this photo was taken at the time,but not of course Poland the brave little country.
It would be many years after that war that Poland gained its freedom from the cold war iron fist,and it was handed freely back to its people.

                 The 20mm Flak Gun mounted upon a German Halftrack. On the barrel 10 kills!

The wheels where removed leaving the 88mm Gun on its support platform,and two metal legs were lowered to the ground which had been fixed to the Gun at either side. This made for a rather stable cross section of support for the heavy German Flak Gun which could swivel in any direction before being locked into place. Shells could be loaded and fired very quickly,with a well trained crew.

     Iron leverage bars can be seen still in place wedged into the tracks of this Nashorn Sd.Kfz.164 Self propelled 88mm Gun. One near the back wheel and another at an angle near the front wheel.So alignment of track and maintenance was still ongoing as all these guys took a relaxed break together around a campfire.  Dated January 1944

These are all set to ride the rails to somewhere.

Those guys above await the heavy Tractor  to pull out  this German 88 mm Gun from the ditch before tumbling into and onto their assigned seats. All in a days work of trying to dominate every country that had a road system in place.
That is until they hit the dirt tracks of Russia. Which soon turned into mud.   My opinion.

   Opp`s! This is what can happen from wear and tear caused by constant removal of wheels upon perhaps a daily bases. Or taking a closer look at the damaged mud guard fenders i`d say a Tank smashed its way past ,and speed off out of sight.Anyway this Gun was going nowhere in its present condition. The hand crank, and curved metal suspension plates one upon another can be clearly viewed between the front section wheels.

i wonder where these light armoured variants were going up gunned with self propelled guns probably captured Russian  Guns of which thousands along with millions of rounds of ammo fell into the ever grateful  German hands in 1941.

 Tiger 1 Tanks are fixed up maintenance wise before riding the rails elsewhere. By the amount of mud upon the tracks and wheels these  were being pulled off the line,and were not fresh from the factory producing them. My opinion!

Twenty one of the 40 Ton Railway Bogies have been collected which make up on third of the Collection. Many are 60 year old antiques. After slight conversion these carry the German Armour and give each train load a look of uniformity.   Magic!

                                  The Flak 88 mm Gun mounted on the German Half-track            

The Brits at Normandy June 1944

 The German Nashorn 88 mm Self Propelled Assault Guns A most powerful way to up gun the out of date Panzers. Often hunting  with Tiger 1 Tanks . The picture taken March 1944.

Here they both are seen after knocking out British Sherman Tanks which can be seen in the picture.
If the date April 1944, is correct this has got to be in Italy.

 The 75mm German Assault Gun. Stug These were Tank Killers often hunting alone to knock out Antitank Guns as well as Tanks.

                                            The Marder Self Propelled Guns

                               Heavy 150 mm Howitzers Railway Guns.
 The legs lowered then fixed into place avoided the railway bogies from being rolled over with the massive recoil action.

Quadruple 20mm Flak Gun mounted on a German Half Track 
                                with the Ammo trailer being towed on behind.                                                                           

Normandy 1944

This knocked out Locomotive ment that these German Tiger 1 Tanks were going nowhere fast.

Above lightly armed French Resistance fighters had helped sucure the train,and had awaited the arrival of the Americains.  The Locomotive  hit in the Cab,has had its entire boiler blown out more than likely the result of an Allied air strike?

Above the same Train while smoke still rose up upon the scene . It looks like the crew of that Tiger Tank were indeed firing from the train.                                                                                                

Below the Zvezda 20 mm Flak Gun & Crew on a converted Halk Track from Armourfast

The 12th SS Panzer Division Normandy 1944

Perhaps I`ll see you Guys Again  Thanks for Looking BB

Sunday, 16 October 2016

WebSoldiersItaly: H079

WebSoldiersItaly: H079: H079

Just Click onto Address to View
These will look A OK on my trains of German Armour i have upon the rails.
I`m afraid Hat Industries lost out Big Time
because i could not buy anywhere in the UK, their German Tank Riders.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Plastic Fantasy Plants True! ..................But Lots of Them by BB

Out shopping today with Mrs B,i said, "i`ll have one of each of these."                                     
"People hang them outside during the winter", said a rather confused Mrs B,because she had not a clue of that which i had seen.                                                                                                              
i am always looking at the make up of things,because i like to realise other uses for the oddest of things. As far as Mrs B,was concerned  as plans based upon my ideas unfold she always become aware of good value for the money.                                                                                                    

i wanted these for a fantasy add on to my existing plastic plants.                                                              
Yes of course i have lots more different ones,and it was by their use i was able to photo shoot 
The Jungle Photograph and The Time Table.                                                                                  

So i now have another five plants that i can well use in playing out very tall tales.

i like these,because best there is no  need to water them.

So here are the four smaller plant balls. These were stuck into a pot,so they were £2.99 each. So a Pound  more  than the large ball that first caught my eye of imagination. However they have lots of makings to their build up,so will yield quite a good crop for the outlay in cash.

                                                    That larger ball after plucking.

Reminds me of preparing Chickens for the oven when i was naught but a little sprat!

130 Plant-lets from that one  larger ball. Price £1.99   So still plenty more to come from the plucking of the others...........Magic!

These can be used to stick into small jungle type bases.

My entire table is often  used for a huge jungle feature using blu tac to fix them into place,and when used in conjunction with other homemade props,soon my little friends arrive upon the scene,and story`s soon develop.

From Thin Air

It had been a good day for Fred and MayBell,they had been exploring the garden outside wondering what sort of flower bulbs Mrs B,had put into all those clay pots that she had filled for the Autumn  Winter and Spring colour.    " Well most certainly most would be  low wattage but bright bulbs",Fred said to MayBell.____ " Fred,don`t talk daft!" _____ "Well MayBell,i overheard BB,say to Mrs B,we must replace those old bulbs with high output but low wattage day light bulbs." ______ " Fred,you sure do amaze me at the oddest of times." _____ " Thanks MayBell," the little fellow said as he did a figure of eight revolving twirl.                                                                                                                 

A short while passes them by never to return,and they enter the house in Fiddle Wood by way of the small dog flap near the back door.    Fred being run down needed recharging but the house was empty as they arrived high  upon the work top in the kitchen where Fred`s upgraded charger was always plugged in.                                                                                                                                                

"We must have a look at that Fred "   declared MayBell                                                                

It was upon seeing something quite new upon my tiny painting table that they                                  
decided  to investigate the odd arrangement that had sprouted out from the shine of it.                                                               

"What`s this then Fred?" asked a curious MayBell. ____ "It`s a heat shield from a Dalek Space Cruiser, MayBell." _____ "No i mean those strange new plants  Fred,"  ____ However, Fred was more interested in the item  he and she were now standing upon.                                                                                                         

MayBell gave the plants a sniff or too,then proclaimed them to be plastic. "BB`s, been shopping again",she said to her faithful Pal._______" Yes MayBell,they are blu tac`ed  to the table.
"Now then Fred,you were saying something about this odd shaped thing beneath us?" __ " Never mind MayBell it will only serve to frighten you",  said the Unit F.R.E.D,better known to all here as Fred._____ " Did it fall from thin air Fred?"______ " O`, no MayBell,but it did fall from a hot one."

As the two shuffle upon their way of going Fred said,"I must mention to BB,of our find".___"Whatever for Fred?"_______ "To see if there is a Part Two,we have to worry about."

                                                              A Complete Plucked Update

i hate waste so i wonder if i could make something out of these?

   "Perhaps use them to make much larger plants BB?" Our little friends both replied.

 334 Plants but some are made up of "Fours!"  So cutting these free for making up war gaming bases there are 960 plant-lets for under £14.00 UK Sterling !
I recently saw 12 plants priced at £11.99 true they were laser cut 20mm scale.
i look at the bigger picture because i have 5 Foot Tables to set up for photo shoots,but i want low money paid out and real value for it . i   break the rules of scales ,because fantasy figures ,and plants are like Spiders_______________They come in many sizes!

                                                    So long until next time BB


having decided upon a little example  of a jungle i set to 
and began one little knowing what was  about to happen           

Fred and MayBell, snooping upon Table Top Mountain, stumbled upon these three that made squeaking noses and which have snapping jaw`s with hungry shape teeth. Fred, sees  them as kind`da playful little creatures. However MayBell, does not. Ignoring MayBells warnings Fred, continues upon this playful path while his complex oidar system is analyzing every added emotion to do with such fun.    

Fred`s mainframe computer has finally identified them as being  Seli`docorc`s,creatures from some  reversed parallel universe.

As Fred,is amusing himself with these other active life forms,MayBell, is getting even more worried about these unknown playthings she has no clear recollection of at all.

Things are about to get far worse,
because Archibald and Priscilla, are frantically looking for their young.

         Whatever will the outcome be? Perhaps i leave that to your own imagination.

The five plants worked out fine in creating a tiny stretch of jungle for my recent acquired new toys. Which are all well and good for a fun loving Beano Boy like me.     BB