Friday, 30 September 2016

It`s A Tin Toy Wind Up Presented by BB

Antique Tin Toys

Apart from collecting the odd tin  usually toffee or chocolate  type,and of course my BEANO BOY TIN,i have no tin type toy of any period what`s so ever.   On a shelf they would lend a certain bygone age theme to any wall  within the home. They are not cheap  things to buy,and a few would be nice,but the walls in our little Fiddle Wood place are to put no finer point to it,quite full up already.                                                                  

However it cost nothing to look at a few pictures, and i have included the tin toy tin spinning top because millions of people world wide can remember buying that special item tin toy for their young children to spin out a playful amusement with it`s pump action driver handle creating that distinct whirring sound that i`m sure many can remember.     And so it begins with wind up tin toys and finishes with it could be said wound down ones.                                                                         

A wonky little driver i would say.            imagine a table full of these things going round and around                                                                                               

The famous tin toy already mentioned.

What a rattle of tin type noise all those below would make.

                                                              Disney Tin Toys 1940`s

Disney`s Penny Farthing!

                                                               The famous noisy Duck

in the 1930`s air speed records of long flights across oceans inspired many a noisy tin toy! 

                                      The back view of the famous Disney Duck!

                    i like the aircraft the best because i was aeroplane toy keen when a boy.

i can imagine well the musical carnival. That key reminds me of those upon the oblong tinned  meat that always seemed to have fallen off the darn thing.                                                                          

i love the Pecker-wood, woodpecker!

                                 This one reminded of Lord Snooty from the Dandy Comic!

The look of a converted dog bowl!

                 Those legs would certainly dance a jig and well match the waddle of that Duck.

                                 The Tractor has always seemed to have been a favourite toy.  

He could tidy up after me anytime because i mess the place up constantly that`s for sure.

                                                     One has to show a truck.

                                              Broooom! Broooom!  The roadway Speed Cop

Giddy Up A Ding Dong!

                                This one reminds me of an outside  Whirly Gigger!

                                                               Space age motorbike

These are of course seen as a dangerous toys now because if the handle is pulled off it reveals a nasty twisted metal shaft of an impaling skewer !

                                   Every ones a winner that`s alright......

                                  Old Charlie ,does so remind me of Lord Snooty!

                                                      SPLENDID TO FINISH UP ON
                                             i look forward to see you again soon BB

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Post Arrived Containing A Few Needful Things ___ Presented by BB

Wednesday arrived sunny and warm,and it saw Mrs B,upon her early way out and about with the dogs Bella & Keats trotting by her side. i as was pure usual waved her off until she and they rounded the top corner of Fiddle Wood Road,and disappeared from my view.                                                    

   While fumbling around as one does who has ongoing diorama`s out on view in the house,i tried to tidy up some of my clutter from the day before,that must be mentioned that i am most highly skilled at making but rather on the nit-wit slow side at clearing it up.   Skills we all have them,even if it is only down to the finest art of tidying up.                                                                                                           
With a fresh hot sweet brew of tea within handy reach ,i settled down to check my e-mails,and from there wondered upon my E Bay  page and there found myself looking at the few very needful things i`d bought recently. While still tapping away on the key board i noticed that the Tracking System on my P C was notifying me that one of my parcels was due to arrive within the hour,and looking at the new clock upon the wall i noticed it was a couple of minutes past the hour of  nine.     Pretty darn good and Brilliant i thought.                                                                                                                                                
One has see the funnest side of such things.

Two hours later my package arrived and while giving the  delivery lady a smile i signed that box designed for such scribbles that even the ancient Egyptians would have had a hard job of deciphering. Yes my large cardboard box of  armoured delight that would have made even Erwin Rommel happy to receive while rubbing his hands and stamping his favourite  shinny boot _______had well and duly arrived.                                                                                                                                         

 It is always sweet when one receives such mail sent by those who care about correct service for their customers needs. These guys would certainly receive jolly good feedback from me. The perfectly packed model kits i`d bought had arrived intact,and i was certainly well pleased to say the least.

These model WWII German Tanks are the last of a few i needed to place upon railway bogie's that i`d been searching for,for ages. Ages as it happens rings very true concerning those because the 40 Ton Bogie's  were in actual fact antiques 65 years old.                                                                                   

Yes i paid silly money for most of them so please no mention of that to Mrs B.

 i    remember that these kits came out upon the market place when i was a working class teenager of 18,and although very interested in them the early days of army service beckoned me into another active professional direction. There was simply no time to spare. As an Engineering Apprentice,i worked hard throughout each week in Norwich as it blew in for £12.00,and weekends were often played out rough and tumble in the T A.
Boy O` Boy did those uniforms awfully itch!
Both occupations would stand me in good stead throughout later years,and it was those formative years that i began to think work-wise and solve problems within heavy industry.

All these years on since those long ago days i am most happy to see these kits become available in 1/76 scale,and so these will best suit my up and coming railway system and its heavy metal rolling stock. They are still affordable and from my view point upon the subject  are some of the best model kits one can still buy at a hand in pocket price.

These are the highly prised boxes from the 1950`s and upon them is the world famous brand name of MECCANO  LTD. There are fakes out there but one learns the secrets of real identification on stuff like these. However no matter of how good the boxes are it was for the contents that i bought them for.

Below the metal rolling stock is the closest look to that which the Heavy Tiger Tanks had beneath them as they left the Factories of the Third Reich in WWII.

Three are upon the track  above and are in good nick for their age,which is more than could be said of me.

Above and below my first conversion of placing the 20mm Anti aircraft gun and crew on the half track. i needed to repair the thin barrel  which broke off. Anyway it sits upon one of the self same bogie's that i just bought three of. These metal bogie's usually go for £35.00 to £40.00 for one so i lucked in when i won a rake of three for just under £20.00 plus postage.

i needed to cut off those metal support bars in order to be able to use it for German Armour,and likewise the same will need doing on the other three just delivered. The modern plastic ones this length are cheap Chinese made Rubbish and bounce around because they are plastic so derail at the slightest Hornby or Bachmann designed whim.

Not perfect,who could afford perfect. A bit frayed around the edges but still worth collecting as part of British Toy Shop History.

So i will enjoy putting bits and peices together kit bashing that is ,and eventually see them circle upon the Honey Well Rails.
                                                        Until next time this is it.
                                                        Thank You For Looking
                                                    i Hope To See You Later. BB

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Easy Granite Sets an Oddity Presented by BB

i went shopping with Mrs B,and bought a few needful things of interest. 

                 i already have this set in the toy collection but some of these are for painting.

i bought a couple of cutting boards as mine have been well sliced and pecked away over the years. i also bought the none slip matting on which the board will be sat snug tight and making it in turn non slip as i cut away to my hearts content quite safely.

 Modellers  are the ultimate scavengers,and so i am no rare exception in this lively occupation of looking at things that can have other uses. it helps to be a little bit mad.
So above we have the cheap candle holder iron cage which i will use within an overgrown jungle setting later that is if the mood of doing so is still there within my fancy. It might end up swinging in the garden while going rustic rusty a look i like.i must add it is not a look liked by my Mrs B,but one cannot please others all of the time.However saying that one must always try to please in a helpful way.

So with that in mind i wish to show how looking oddly at this large rubber matting an idea dawned upon my over active mind.

The more i looked upon it the item of rubber,the more i thought such an idea might certainly work.

Not to be one to buy small,i bought big,and for just under £5.00 i have a massive amount that will stretch out on several of my large work table if there is a need to do so. However back to my idea on how to use it to create Granite Sets for streets, pathways and old lanes between terraced houses.

i therefore decided upon making the small sample section below.

A tiny piece of polystyrene was coated with p v a glue which i also applied to the rubber matting,and i left both to go tacky!

i also gave another piece of rubber matting a thin coating,because i saw no need to glob it on. i also let this dry out  a bit until it was also tacky! In affect by doing so the waiting would payoff big time because the glue would act like contact glue.

And so it was that the second piece simply laid on top of the bottom one went perfectly guided into place needing no modelling skill whatsoever !

                                                       It was as simple as simplicity  does!

                                           The small sample was put into place.

Then weighted down_________________two books would have done the trick,but over thinking overkill was upon my mind where this first sample was concerned. It was left around about 8 hours.

Then the heavy books were removed.  i then allowed three hours before taking this picture because the rubber being somewhat flat needed time to inflate again before considering painting.

                                            (It is black paint under my thumb nail )

            It looks the full ticket to me,and so the sample was and is a successful enterprise.i have a small service  road to place on my canal project and it was that which prompted the use of this simple but effective method.

i have no intention on showing painting here  for i am quite naff at such things.

Emulsion Black Paint,which will be dry brushed with White Emulsion,which will make them all grey.

i hope for the many this could be a great help, as i have discovered  it requires very little skill at all.      No need for clay,so no scribing out to do.                                                                       

                              A Problem Solved,because i went Shopping with Mrs B.