Monday, 22 December 2014

MayBell & Fred: A New Beginning by Beano Boy

Sometimes a story and how it turns out is unexpected like drawing a picture or indeed just painting one,because really nobody knows the middle or the ending of such an enterprize,but perhaps some would know of the beginning. This is my start of the MayBell & Fred stories. Always remember they are not ordinary LittleToys.Oh,by the way Fred is the Dalek and MayBell is of course a MAYBELL!

This was the fine day Fred volunteered to help do a few jobs around the place,even though he didn`t fully understand what volunteer or jobbing was. So it was upon a bright sunny day that I placed MayBell in charge of Fred, and to oversee the other Daleks set to work. Well you see since they lost their Pension from the good old BBC they are willing to take any job available. The payment I will go into at another time.So there Fred is cleaning my car,a Biscuit Tin just ment for such a Boy as Me.

" Wow! Fred you are doing a fine job. "_______" Yes,I am aren't I MayBell?"___ "You sure are. Those wheels are so shinny!"______" Well MayBell since BB changed me,I always want to do a good job to please him."______" Well Fred it sure is a Grand Job of Work."_____ "Thanks MayBell coming from from you that means a lot."_____"Really?"____"Yip!"____"Well thank you Fred,It is well known in the Beano home, Us MayBell`s always without change try to treet others in a nice understandable way."_____ "Well I am so happy to be here MayBell,and I often think of what I was."_____"Hang on Fred you are Thinking,and you wish to Please,and you are Happy!You are showing Emotions Fred."_______" Well it is because I have a heart MayBell."

Of course MayBell reasons this to be impossible. So changes the subject."Where are the others of your kind who I told to help you?"_________" Oh I sent them around the other side to do that because they keep getting in my way."________" In your way.Fred what do you mean?"_______" Mean,yes Mean MayBell.They are Nasty Mean to me."_________" But why?"_______ "Since Beano Boy  gave me that thing inside me, I am no longer one of them MayBell."_____ " I don`t understand."______ " That's the point MayBell you don`t understand because you see me as I appear to be.But I am no longer a Dalek, I have become a Fred."

( F.R.E.D ,There is a Footnote on how this came to be. )


Upon the revelation of Fred ,MayBell goes to see just how the Daleks are shaping up in their cleaning duties  on the other side. "Ok,you Guys.You do a good job and I`ll reason with BB to see if he can give you what he gave Fred."___________ "Don`t Want One! Don`t Want One! Having One does not Compute! Reasoning Good does not Compute! Does not Compute! Good Job,does not Compute! Don`t_______" It is upon this happy note from all the Crashing Computors within all the  Daleks,that MayBell  simply walks away saying to them, "Please yourselves boys!" _______ " Please, Self, Boys! Does not Comput!"

A Foot Note Of Sort`s: Is it possible to change Evil into Good? Well in the World of Fantasy,and of Story telling it is, and so this is what happened in this very tall tale. Beano Boy seeing this struggling Dalek realised something was terribly wrong with the little Pepper Pot Alien. So he decided to help it all he could. After a great puzzlement of thoughts ,and ideas the FiddleWood Gnome as BB was often called,fiddled away countless hours of studying work. In the end he concluded that this life-form, good or otherwise was failing,and without a bright spark soon it would be no more. Now it is a well known fact that FiddleWood Gnomes respect all life. So having no re-placement parts or manual for instant alien repair jobs,and after much pondering on much to do about something,he simply made one for this thing that had no feelings what so ever. A Conversion! A crude tiny metal tube much like a small tin can,with a light of blue that flashed on and off in perfect time was wired up and soldered tin can tight inside it. Instantly! There was a sudden change,but how could this be so? Like the Tin Man of Old, who in the end thought he had a heart,this Dalek thought so too,and with that bright spark now a reality he became capable of reasoning,and of deep welling up feelings.  He even began to laugh,a function no Dalek ever made could possible do. Like before when he mentioned it to MayBell,"Thats the point.I am no  Dalek,I am no longer one of Them. MayBell,I have become a Fred!" 
This is of course The  End, but it is A New Beginning for Fred. There are many a tale written about these two close knit friends, MayBell & Fred.


Slug Patrol in the Garden

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Dalek Protest By Beano Boy

Crude and simple in conception

It appears the Daleks are very upset,because they have no say in which way they are being governed here in England. Well in Great Britain anyway. With the now relaxed laws on immigration from other planets,the Huge Floodgates have been opened up, and now these Aliens want the right to Vote! The Government has grave concerns over the question on giving them the Vote,because they fear most certainly an MP Dalek trying hard to sit in the House of Commons!   Well I`ve never seen one do this wonderful thing. Have You?
Now if that don`t beat all, it seem`s things have gone bad to worse for these Alien  Workers.
It is seen quite plainly that the Daleks Pension Fund has been invested in Off- Shore Bank Accounts that have gone,Bust! The money was well packed into Bulging Bags as these Fat Cat Bankers left by the back door! So after over 50 years of working for the BBC,the Daleks  Pension Fund is Gone! It gets worse still,because as Aliens they  have no right under the present laws,to receive a State Pension.
I firmly believe that they need help and advice from a Certain Doctor!    
Coming Soon. 
The Daleks & the Bomb
Thank`s  to all you guys in America & Spain who are watching my Blog.  BB

Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Daleks & the New HyperDrive!

                                                                    Beano Boy

                                               Deep,Very Deep Within Time & Space. 

A lone Spacecraft is travelling faster than the Speed of Light, and at this low speed it is likely to stall! Its crew doing what needs dictate before it is far to late. If these repairs to the system fail they will never be able to Reboot the Mainframe Computer! Maintenance crews are trying to do this highly suspect work while others of their kind sleep on in Suspended Animation Chambers.

It is not known if under these cercumstances if Daleks zzzz ZZZZ zzzz ZZZZ zzzz SNORE! However it is well known that they do indeed Dream of their long lost dead Planet Skaro with its once Splendid Cities.
The Planet is also known by others that stare at it now as D 5-Gamma-Z- Alpha with its three Moon`s Flider,Falkun and or Omega Mysterium`s.                                                                     
So it is in this Dire Situation that an Army of Daleks await a time when they will re-awaken  and continue on with their Mission. For now however the actual wide awake, but rather dim-witted crew are constructing a new HyperDrive System,to replace the burnt out one that nearly caused total destruction of their ship.
" We can not use This! To Construct! A New HyperDrive!" A Dalek Declared in his rather Caustic  Acrid Hard Destructive Voice.Another replied,"Are you sure?It looks quite good on the other side."
"Plastic!  No! No! It`s No Good ! We have no Solvent Glue,because of the BBC`s Budget Cut`s!"

"This looks Good. Good old Paper Card!  Just Right to Start the Job."
"This is where we start to construct it."
 Very soon they were all busy collecting highly complicated Hi Tec Things to do the complete job. "Wow! I can hear a Strange Noise when I`m on this Shinny Thing!" One Declared as he began to make figure of eight twirls around the strange object.____ "The Earthlings call it,Music! Get off the Darn Thing! ", another Odered.

"How did you fix this up?"_______ "blu tac.We have no Glue Remember?" came the Sturdy,Hardwearing Thick reply. ( Looking to my name i  know it`s A-PAUL-ING! )

After a few more different Grumps & Moans,the Daleks manage to turn it over,and then likewise they pushed and pulled and Grunted the Singing Shiny Thing on top. All this with a great deal of Top Secret Info from an Old Copy of the Beano!

( Reminds me of the Knights of the Round Table! )
 "This is looking Good! Lets Drag it in place and finish it." They all agreed. A rather odd thing for Daleks ever to do, even amongst  their own kind.
"Well it looks finished, but who`s going to plug it in?"
The doors suddenly slide up and open, and rather Fast Racing Daleks enter upon the scene.
 "STOP! STOP! It`s not FINISHED! You`ll Blow  the Ship Up! You have not fitted the Drive Unit on Top"  OPPS! They all said.
( Well it looked OK at First Glance ,but quite lucky it is very Tricky Hard for a Dalek to wire up a three point plug or they could have all become part of CIMOTA DUST!)
So another quick look in the Dusty Old copy of the Beano fully explained in fine comic style just how to do it with fingers ,and a Sonic Screwdriver! But, Daleks  don`t have Mitts with Fingers or a Sonic Thing A Ma Jig! Boy! Oh! Boy! These Pepper Pot Aliens are in deep deep trouble as their Ship is slowly being pulled into Event Horizon!  
Now not to be one to leave things in Cliffhanger Style or indeed slightly large,Well Very Large Black Holes. Eventually  The HyperDrive, Spanking New, and with a Tuneful Shine was finished off by Laser Beam and fixed tight onto the  Main Frame Computer of  this  Time & Space Yranigami Class  Cruiser. So this new system now active alive starts to HummmmmmMMMMMMING! With ever increasing PULSATING POWER! Another quick look in the old comic reveals,everything should be A OK! TO GO!  BUT WILL IT WORK?
             A Strange DalekTutorial for Fun                                              Beano Boy

Saturday, 6 December 2014

The French Attack on La Haie Sainte

This is just a follow up for the previous pictures ,where the Text was not included when I posted this Topic on my Blog.

La Haie Santi was set up, and none to soon, because three huge columns of French infantry are advancing down the sloping ground toward the Farm House.
 ( This is of course not difficult to do on a flat table. )
So this is a small snippet of the Waterloo battle ground. I modelled this place many years ago and squeezed it in to provide a good firing platform from the walls and roof tops. Made mostly of old Cardboard and roofs made of cut to length Plastic Drinking Straws!
This would be the last time that I would use this method.

 So the infantry are on the march. The Guns well placed. Sadly the Base showing the road and the sandpit and where the two British Guns were placed on the road, was lost during a move several years ago.

In my opinion the French heavy cavalry,Cuirassiers supporting the French infantry would make one of the biggest blunders during this part of the actual battle, by going up the sloping ground on the wrong side of the Farm. Cutting themselves off from supporting the French infantry columns.

Yes,I do realise that they are standing in the area where the pond was,and also at the time of shooting these pictures I had no green uniformed German troops to occupy this position. So I have simply applied artistic licence in this case.

The complete Topic was posted on Benno`s Figure Forum before,but it is all my own Norfolk Dumpling Style of Work.  BB

Just a Test Sample

Yes,the reason for this Test Sample!  My text was not included when I posted the last two topics,but oddly were placed on Google,but not on my Blog! A Mystery! Perhaps Sci-Fi Attacking Gremlins  are at work? So if you get to read this on the Blog I hope this all makes complete sense.

The special weapons Dalek were conversions made by myself from broken ones,that arrived in the packages that I received through the Post. They;the broken ones converted are based upon the appearance of this type Dalek that appeared in Dr Who in 1988,and they had a very large Gun that shot out a bright yellow Distructive Ray!

Friday, 5 December 2014

The French Attack on La Haie Sainte ______by Beano Boy

I made this rather odd model Farm about 10 years ago,using paper card,plastic drinking straws,Plaster of Paris and P V A Glue,and painted with Emulsion Paints. Although the Baseboard went missing when moving stuff around ,I did this photo shoot after I`d spent years painting up model soldiers.Never was there ever any thought of posting it on the internet,becauseI had no such conection at the time.

As always I was setting up each section while sipping hot sweet tea,but as can be seen the French were already on the move.

                                                  Strelets & Italeri model soldiers.

                                                               Hat, model soldiers.

                       More Italeri troops,and Zvezda Guns.The Gun Crews all conversions.

French Heavy Cavalry in the distance,protect the flanks as three huge columns of French Infantry plus their own artillery support form up behind the Grande Battery of 84 Guns.

                         Lots of activity,as the French Foot Artillery prepare their Guns.

The 12 pounders of the French Imperial Guard Artillery thunder out another of their deadly shot  against the Farm House & the British line,each solid shot charged with horse shoe nails for extra devastating effect.

The Allied line is taking a pounding. However eventually the barrage slackens off as file upon file of men filter their way through the Gun line,and after reforming move off down the slooping ground toward  La Haie Sainte.

                       Three massed formations of infantry,cavalry & guns are moving forward

 Over 2.000  are engaged in the heavy fighting to take the Farmhouse which is almost surrounded

Above the French fire through the back entrance of the Barn. Its doors were burn`t for fire wood the night before the battle.

( Having no German troops painted up in dark green to man this place,I felt it most fitting that I should pinch some of the infantry from Hougoumont,which I did for this playful scene.  The crude paper represents the grass.)

( Sorry for the rather formal look.I guess this always happens when playing with toy soldiers.)

While the Barn burns , bypassing French troops can be seen advancing up to the sandpit where the Rifles had been pouring out deadly fire upon them.Now they are receiving a cross fire from the roof of the  Farmhouse and its complex buildings.

Just like during the real battle I wanted to show how the roof was torn away from the inside so the defending troops could provide supporting fire both to the walls,and the garden where the Old Forge was manned likewise with German troops who could and did provide supporting fire to, two British Guns that were placed upon the road & the 95th in the sandpit. Interesting thing is just as many troops were defending the garden & the Old Forge as were actually inside the complex of buildings.

                                                Italeri soldiers firing upon the HAT French.

                                                    The cross fire from the roof.

As the advance proceeded up the sloop,the 95th Rifles,as did the British Gunners,fell back,Hooked it,Scarpered, Legged it for the British line,and quick smart too.

What  happened next is perhaps another Scots Grey story for another time.   BB