Thursday, 18 December 2014

Dalek Protest By Beano Boy

Crude and simple in conception

It appears the Daleks are very upset,because they have no say in which way they are being governed here in England. Well in Great Britain anyway. With the now relaxed laws on immigration from other planets,the Huge Floodgates have been opened up, and now these Aliens want the right to Vote! The Government has grave concerns over the question on giving them the Vote,because they fear most certainly an MP Dalek trying hard to sit in the House of Commons!   Well I`ve never seen one do this wonderful thing. Have You?
Now if that don`t beat all, it seem`s things have gone bad to worse for these Alien  Workers.
It is seen quite plainly that the Daleks Pension Fund has been invested in Off- Shore Bank Accounts that have gone,Bust! The money was well packed into Bulging Bags as these Fat Cat Bankers left by the back door! So after over 50 years of working for the BBC,the Daleks  Pension Fund is Gone! It gets worse still,because as Aliens they  have no right under the present laws,to receive a State Pension.
I firmly believe that they need help and advice from a Certain Doctor!    
Coming Soon. 
The Daleks & the Bomb
Thank`s  to all you guys in America & Spain who are watching my Blog.  BB

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