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MayBell & Fred: A New Beginning by Beano Boy

Sometimes a story and how it turns out is unexpected like drawing a picture or indeed just painting one,because really nobody knows the middle or the ending of such an enterprize,but perhaps some would know of the beginning. This is my start of the MayBell & Fred stories. Always remember they are not ordinary LittleToys.Oh,by the way Fred is the Dalek and MayBell is of course a MAYBELL!

This was the fine day Fred volunteered to help do a few jobs around the place,even though he didn`t fully understand what volunteer or jobbing was. So it was upon a bright sunny day that I placed MayBell in charge of Fred, and to oversee the other Daleks set to work. Well you see since they lost their Pension from the good old BBC they are willing to take any job available. The payment I will go into at another time.So there Fred is cleaning my car,a Biscuit Tin just ment for such a Boy as Me.

" Wow! Fred you are doing a fine job. "_______" Yes,I am aren't I MayBell?"___ "You sure are. Those wheels are so shinny!"______" Well MayBell since BB changed me,I always want to do a good job to please him."______" Well Fred it sure is a Grand Job of Work."_____ "Thanks MayBell coming from from you that means a lot."_____"Really?"____"Yip!"____"Well thank you Fred,It is well known in the Beano home, Us MayBell`s always without change try to treet others in a nice understandable way."_____ "Well I am so happy to be here MayBell,and I often think of what I was."_____"Hang on Fred you are Thinking,and you wish to Please,and you are Happy!You are showing Emotions Fred."_______" Well it is because I have a heart MayBell."

Of course MayBell reasons this to be impossible. So changes the subject."Where are the others of your kind who I told to help you?"_________" Oh I sent them around the other side to do that because they keep getting in my way."________" In your way.Fred what do you mean?"_______" Mean,yes Mean MayBell.They are Nasty Mean to me."_________" But why?"_______ "Since Beano Boy  gave me that thing inside me, I am no longer one of them MayBell."_____ " I don`t understand."______ " That's the point MayBell you don`t understand because you see me as I appear to be.But I am no longer a Dalek, I have become a Fred."

( F.R.E.D ,There is a Footnote on how this came to be. )


Upon the revelation of Fred ,MayBell goes to see just how the Daleks are shaping up in their cleaning duties  on the other side. "Ok,you Guys.You do a good job and I`ll reason with BB to see if he can give you what he gave Fred."___________ "Don`t Want One! Don`t Want One! Having One does not Compute! Reasoning Good does not Compute! Does not Compute! Good Job,does not Compute! Don`t_______" It is upon this happy note from all the Crashing Computors within all the  Daleks,that MayBell  simply walks away saying to them, "Please yourselves boys!" _______ " Please, Self, Boys! Does not Comput!"

A Foot Note Of Sort`s: Is it possible to change Evil into Good? Well in the World of Fantasy,and of Story telling it is, and so this is what happened in this very tall tale. Beano Boy seeing this struggling Dalek realised something was terribly wrong with the little Pepper Pot Alien. So he decided to help it all he could. After a great puzzlement of thoughts ,and ideas the FiddleWood Gnome as BB was often called,fiddled away countless hours of studying work. In the end he concluded that this life-form, good or otherwise was failing,and without a bright spark soon it would be no more. Now it is a well known fact that FiddleWood Gnomes respect all life. So having no re-placement parts or manual for instant alien repair jobs,and after much pondering on much to do about something,he simply made one for this thing that had no feelings what so ever. A Conversion! A crude tiny metal tube much like a small tin can,with a light of blue that flashed on and off in perfect time was wired up and soldered tin can tight inside it. Instantly! There was a sudden change,but how could this be so? Like the Tin Man of Old, who in the end thought he had a heart,this Dalek thought so too,and with that bright spark now a reality he became capable of reasoning,and of deep welling up feelings.  He even began to laugh,a function no Dalek ever made could possible do. Like before when he mentioned it to MayBell,"Thats the point.I am no  Dalek,I am no longer one of Them. MayBell,I have become a Fred!" 
This is of course The  End, but it is A New Beginning for Fred. There are many a tale written about these two close knit friends, MayBell & Fred.


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