Monday, 1 December 2014

My Introduction

It seems very odd indeed to be typing down my first posting here. I have been Scratch Building, model buildings for many a year now, and of course painting model figures both for my HO OO scale Model Railway and Napoleonic Miniatures too with a clear sight set on the Waterloo period.

However placing that aside now I am also into Fantasy & Sci - Fi, and I am a writer of many a Tall Tale, to do with the history of HoneyWell ,and the buildings skirted about this town and also some within it too. So what will actually be going on, on BB`s Blog? Well that is a question, amongst questions,and to answer truthfully anything goes, be it posting pictures of model soldiers ,to showing tutorials on how to do it, whatever it is I might be doing at the time. For instance I recently made a Paint Organizer for my new acrylic paints, a small wonder that can house 68 paints, and which came in on a budget price of under £5.00.
The off the Peg, see through Paint Rack, Large Size , is made of see through plastic, and holds 55 paints. I guess  if one was to drop the thing it would smash quite easily, well it would here ,we have real stone floors! The price is £25.00 plus Shipping of £12.02. Now it must be said, that I collect Toy`s of yesteryear ,Late 1950`s early 1960`s, figures . Also I am painting the Asterix Bubble Gum figures from 1968 & 1973,and those of Lucky Luke too. I have managed to buy three complete Collections of these figures. So painted up nice is what they will become. My other Collections of Tram`s, Loco`s & their Trains they pull are housed in the HoneyWell  Room. I`ve also been known to buy the odd Rare Book, or two.

 Getting back to this Blog, there are many things inside my head that I wish to do so the importance of taking this first intrepid step into the unknown world of blogging! Well has begun.  BB

The Post Mill
by BB

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  1. Hey Paul, just found out you have a blog! So I would like to welcome you! Nice introduction BTW!
    PS: you need to install a followers button and if possible the follow by e-mail thing. I put you on my blogroll to give you some promotion! And as you sign in on my blog as a follower I give you some more promotion!