Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Daleks & the New HyperDrive!

                                                                    Beano Boy

                                               Deep,Very Deep Within Time & Space. 

A lone Spacecraft is travelling faster than the Speed of Light, and at this low speed it is likely to stall! Its crew doing what needs dictate before it is far to late. If these repairs to the system fail they will never be able to Reboot the Mainframe Computer! Maintenance crews are trying to do this highly suspect work while others of their kind sleep on in Suspended Animation Chambers.

It is not known if under these cercumstances if Daleks zzzz ZZZZ zzzz ZZZZ zzzz SNORE! However it is well known that they do indeed Dream of their long lost dead Planet Skaro with its once Splendid Cities.
The Planet is also known by others that stare at it now as D 5-Gamma-Z- Alpha with its three Moon`s Flider,Falkun and or Omega Mysterium`s.                                                                     
So it is in this Dire Situation that an Army of Daleks await a time when they will re-awaken  and continue on with their Mission. For now however the actual wide awake, but rather dim-witted crew are constructing a new HyperDrive System,to replace the burnt out one that nearly caused total destruction of their ship.
" We can not use This! To Construct! A New HyperDrive!" A Dalek Declared in his rather Caustic  Acrid Hard Destructive Voice.Another replied,"Are you sure?It looks quite good on the other side."
"Plastic!  No! No! It`s No Good ! We have no Solvent Glue,because of the BBC`s Budget Cut`s!"

"This looks Good. Good old Paper Card!  Just Right to Start the Job."
"This is where we start to construct it."
 Very soon they were all busy collecting highly complicated Hi Tec Things to do the complete job. "Wow! I can hear a Strange Noise when I`m on this Shinny Thing!" One Declared as he began to make figure of eight twirls around the strange object.____ "The Earthlings call it,Music! Get off the Darn Thing! ", another Odered.

"How did you fix this up?"_______ "blu tac.We have no Glue Remember?" came the Sturdy,Hardwearing Thick reply. ( Looking to my name i  know it`s A-PAUL-ING! )

After a few more different Grumps & Moans,the Daleks manage to turn it over,and then likewise they pushed and pulled and Grunted the Singing Shiny Thing on top. All this with a great deal of Top Secret Info from an Old Copy of the Beano!

( Reminds me of the Knights of the Round Table! )
 "This is looking Good! Lets Drag it in place and finish it." They all agreed. A rather odd thing for Daleks ever to do, even amongst  their own kind.
"Well it looks finished, but who`s going to plug it in?"
The doors suddenly slide up and open, and rather Fast Racing Daleks enter upon the scene.
 "STOP! STOP! It`s not FINISHED! You`ll Blow  the Ship Up! You have not fitted the Drive Unit on Top"  OPPS! They all said.
( Well it looked OK at First Glance ,but quite lucky it is very Tricky Hard for a Dalek to wire up a three point plug or they could have all become part of CIMOTA DUST!)
So another quick look in the Dusty Old copy of the Beano fully explained in fine comic style just how to do it with fingers ,and a Sonic Screwdriver! But, Daleks  don`t have Mitts with Fingers or a Sonic Thing A Ma Jig! Boy! Oh! Boy! These Pepper Pot Aliens are in deep deep trouble as their Ship is slowly being pulled into Event Horizon!  
Now not to be one to leave things in Cliffhanger Style or indeed slightly large,Well Very Large Black Holes. Eventually  The HyperDrive, Spanking New, and with a Tuneful Shine was finished off by Laser Beam and fixed tight onto the  Main Frame Computer of  this  Time & Space Yranigami Class  Cruiser. So this new system now active alive starts to HummmmmmMMMMMMING! With ever increasing PULSATING POWER! Another quick look in the old comic reveals,everything should be A OK! TO GO!  BUT WILL IT WORK?
             A Strange DalekTutorial for Fun                                              Beano Boy

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