Friday, 5 December 2014

The French Attack on La Haie Sainte ______by Beano Boy

I made this rather odd model Farm about 10 years ago,using paper card,plastic drinking straws,Plaster of Paris and P V A Glue,and painted with Emulsion Paints. Although the Baseboard went missing when moving stuff around ,I did this photo shoot after I`d spent years painting up model soldiers.Never was there ever any thought of posting it on the internet,becauseI had no such conection at the time.

As always I was setting up each section while sipping hot sweet tea,but as can be seen the French were already on the move.

                                                  Strelets & Italeri model soldiers.

                                                               Hat, model soldiers.

                       More Italeri troops,and Zvezda Guns.The Gun Crews all conversions.

French Heavy Cavalry in the distance,protect the flanks as three huge columns of French Infantry plus their own artillery support form up behind the Grande Battery of 84 Guns.

                         Lots of activity,as the French Foot Artillery prepare their Guns.

The 12 pounders of the French Imperial Guard Artillery thunder out another of their deadly shot  against the Farm House & the British line,each solid shot charged with horse shoe nails for extra devastating effect.

The Allied line is taking a pounding. However eventually the barrage slackens off as file upon file of men filter their way through the Gun line,and after reforming move off down the slooping ground toward  La Haie Sainte.

                       Three massed formations of infantry,cavalry & guns are moving forward

 Over 2.000  are engaged in the heavy fighting to take the Farmhouse which is almost surrounded

Above the French fire through the back entrance of the Barn. Its doors were burn`t for fire wood the night before the battle.

( Having no German troops painted up in dark green to man this place,I felt it most fitting that I should pinch some of the infantry from Hougoumont,which I did for this playful scene.  The crude paper represents the grass.)

( Sorry for the rather formal look.I guess this always happens when playing with toy soldiers.)

While the Barn burns , bypassing French troops can be seen advancing up to the sandpit where the Rifles had been pouring out deadly fire upon them.Now they are receiving a cross fire from the roof of the  Farmhouse and its complex buildings.

Just like during the real battle I wanted to show how the roof was torn away from the inside so the defending troops could provide supporting fire both to the walls,and the garden where the Old Forge was manned likewise with German troops who could and did provide supporting fire to, two British Guns that were placed upon the road & the 95th in the sandpit. Interesting thing is just as many troops were defending the garden & the Old Forge as were actually inside the complex of buildings.

                                                Italeri soldiers firing upon the HAT French.

                                                    The cross fire from the roof.

As the advance proceeded up the sloop,the 95th Rifles,as did the British Gunners,fell back,Hooked it,Scarpered, Legged it for the British line,and quick smart too.

What  happened next is perhaps another Scots Grey story for another time.   BB


  1. Thank you RMacedo,for your kind comment . BB = as always Beano Boy

  2. Absolutely WOW! Its always a pleasure to see such a labour of love.

    1. Thank you Russ,the La Haye Sainte buildings I squeezed in to make a firing platform.Every detail of door and window is there.I have built this place four times,each getting better in looks and design but this is my favorite,because its features were founded upon photo evidence and old paintings. There being no internet back in the Day. BB

  3. Most impressive job on a legendary place my friend!

    1. Thank you Phil,it is an old posting of mine that needed editing so it got published again after the correction of my spelling mistakes had been accomplished. So at least you got to view it along with a few others. Best Regards from FIDDLE WOOD UK. BB that`s me.

  4. Another great project in small scale.
    Impressive work my friend, glad to see it now in the internet!

    1. So sorry i did not see that you had placed a comment here Remco. I usually have them show up on my G Mail. Anyway my friend it has been a while since 2 April,but this hello, thank you is better late than never. Greetings a plenty from Fiddle Wood. BB