Saturday, 6 December 2014

The French Attack on La Haie Sainte

This is just a follow up for the previous pictures ,where the Text was not included when I posted this Topic on my Blog.

La Haie Santi was set up, and none to soon, because three huge columns of French infantry are advancing down the sloping ground toward the Farm House.
 ( This is of course not difficult to do on a flat table. )
So this is a small snippet of the Waterloo battle ground. I modelled this place many years ago and squeezed it in to provide a good firing platform from the walls and roof tops. Made mostly of old Cardboard and roofs made of cut to length Plastic Drinking Straws!
This would be the last time that I would use this method.

 So the infantry are on the march. The Guns well placed. Sadly the Base showing the road and the sandpit and where the two British Guns were placed on the road, was lost during a move several years ago.

In my opinion the French heavy cavalry,Cuirassiers supporting the French infantry would make one of the biggest blunders during this part of the actual battle, by going up the sloping ground on the wrong side of the Farm. Cutting themselves off from supporting the French infantry columns.

Yes,I do realise that they are standing in the area where the pond was,and also at the time of shooting these pictures I had no green uniformed German troops to occupy this position. So I have simply applied artistic licence in this case.

The complete Topic was posted on Benno`s Figure Forum before,but it is all my own Norfolk Dumpling Style of Work.  BB

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