Tuesday, 2 December 2014

This is me working  ( Playing! ) on my model , and as all FiddleWood type Gnomes like to do, ( That's Me & Mrs B ) , is to stick down the 20mm figures with blu tac. Stops them falling over and creating long neat lines of Domino`s. This was just a dry run at working out where my troops would stand while defending this place:my Scratch built  version of Hougoumont.

These pictures where taken last year,and that was when all the hard, and time consuming work took place. Photo Shoots do some what eat into ones day.  Another photo is of the setting up of  La Haye Sante, and the other pictures are of The Belle Alliance.

By the way the BB stands for Beano Boy.

 I hope you will visit again soon.  BB

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