Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The Quest to Find Bubble Gum Figures ___ by Beano Boy

There happens to be many a story that i have penned ,but this one happens to be true. It turned out to be an Epic Quest that reached out across the entire world using my E Bay Account,and my little typing finger was kept very busy indeed.     As was my Bank Account with PAY PAL. Without all these things coming into play i would never have been able to add so much to my Toy Collection.                                                                    

From the Early 1970`s

The Dargaud, Asterix & Obelix, Range of Bubble Gum Figures. 

It all began way back in July 2014,with this tiny package i bought,which contained the rather blue figures above. Then a nice guy with the name of Remco,made a comment on Benno`s Figure Forum,concerning my purchase and the fact he too collected them.  Becoming interested in finding the whole collection of figures,i began the quest to find them.    i soon found the mock up of a wooden fort perfect to take photo shots.  Well my little work force at that time handled by FRED & MAYBELL,were knocking them up at the rate of knot`s,and my Uncle Ned was snapping away with his camera at the same speed.                                                                                                                  

                                      Gradually they began to arrive in dribs and drabs.

Then arriving by marching columns.
By this time i was well hooked in obtaining more.
They also began to enter into many or my short story`s too.

Soon it was time to take up my dusty paint brush once more.Then upon blowing it off,i realised it to have had far more Fiddle Wood dust upon it ,then of ever having had paint upon it.Another quest followed after the dust had resettled, as i in a well good disorganised manner tried to find my dusty paint pots. Paint pots that had certainly gone, and in a big way of playing Hide and Seek. Just funning,about the dust,but my word upon it if little paint pots can play such a game,in this instance they were very good at playing it.

                    A broken wing has fallen off Asterix`s helmet,but i have many a complete one.

"I`m the King of The Castle. You`re the Dirty Old Rascal." 
I think he best be getting off quick.

                                        Another Asterix Pose with both his wings.

                                                           That`s much,much Better.

                        Soon i had them all ,and many seconds in a very large, large wooden box.

Then I discovered another earlier set was produced by DARGAUD, in as i recall 1968, a Bubble Gum Range of Asterix,in Egypt.  Some of which are shown above.

So another Quest was on to find these figures too.

Very soon i had that entire set,all bare one. I managed to obtain that one yesterday.

It was the other dancing girl to go with the one above.

I had thought that i had the complete set,but a few months ago a friend on Benno`s,a nice guy from Sweden by the name of Gunnar showed the dancing girl pose above. I have search the whole world over just to obtain her,and i lucked in big time when finally i bought her the last tiny DARGAUD Figure.  So Two Collections are complete.                 

                    Painting an Occupation that is often a Great Trouble to me. 
So let`s see how 40 odd years of plastic paints up.

                                              I could only ever find one pose of this type Obelix

 The Obelix back carrying pose is quite common indeed,so i am so glad to have had the bright opportunity to obtain the other one.

                                   Taking time out to paint a few ,that were blu tac`ed onto tins.

                                  I like this guy above  ,because he`s the sort of thug and bully that
                                 the Romans used to collect their  TAXES!

                                            It was great fun painting up this Chieftain.

                                                 They never produced Shield Maiden`s

              They all have rather odd names depending on the countries that they were sold in.

                                                     These look to be a tough crew.

                                                             Where`s the iron pot?

                                                        The Black Smiths

                          I think these Maiden`s lucky not having to carry that lump in the middle.

                                         Rather Tough Looking Slaves

The Hollow Die Cast Scots Guards ,look down upon such a scene,as they had never seen before.


As the Chief was raised up upon a Shield Casting that i had made,those two below thought it quite funny. Yes indeed so,but i could only ever find the one Good Shield.

                                            "HE,HE, HE! Silly Old Fool."

                                                    They all look fit enough to Rumble.

    A friend remarked that ."it looked like he was cooking Cheery`s.So where was the meat loaf ?"

A nice reminder on the end as to what these little plastic Romans once looked like before i dipped my dusty brush into play. I was amazed how they turned out. Stupid to the last d,but Mrs B,said ,"They look like fine China!" A compliment indeed because i am colorblind.

                                         To Finish I model The OBELIX  QUARRY

                                           My first and last attempt at creating such a place.

As i now close upon such a scene that sort of vexed me so, the Little Fellow has the last few words.

"Good Bye Guys,Thank`s for Looking."