Friday, 30 January 2015

A Toy Soldier Restoration : Vintage Hollow Cast Highlanders by Beano Boy

I bought these recently,and they are vintage hollow cast figures by ,CHERILEA and they are  metal Highlanders from the 1950`s early 1960`s. They look like they`ve been in more than one little war with the slow passing of time. My Word! What adventures long ago,did a child ever have with these?  I must repaint these,and turn them once more into bright coloured toys,but first there is a certain something that I must attend to.


First I`ve got to work on something that at least half resembles a toy face on each of these tiny two inch fellows.
  So only time will tell,what they turn out like. 
A Few Days Latter After a Few Dips & Splashes 



They will not ever win any prizes, but if you squint your eyes,at a distance say from the Moon! They look a darn sight better than before.
So they are now happy ,and quite contented to be in my Collection of Old TimeToys.

Look whats just marched in. Drum Roll Please. BB


  1. Great job BB! Unveil the secret recipe for face restoration

    1. Just a Blob of Solder in the right place. Not easy, Not hard,but in between. BB