Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Belgium 1815 The Lion Appears By Beano Boy

It had begun this day Tuesday 13th January 2015, as all days do with the first rays of light starting to chase the darkness as  if  they could ever catch it in a fine new shinny bucket of gleaming steel.

Eventually the Sun itself Rose Yawning above the horizon ,and after rubbing its eyes awake and setting sight upon another new day it smiled away at all those shiny bright buckets that would have had much more luck trying to catch the wind.

In its activity of casting light upon many a metaphor it  shone upon  the Lion that had appeared, as if by some systematic magical  scheme.

Mrs B, my Bonny Lass had brought home something that she had found outside.
"Gosh! That is incredible that you found this, because this is what I need to use upon my Photo Shoot Table." I said with avid interest. 
I`d recently missed out on bidding on one on EBAY!
 "How on Earth can you use such a thing with the stuff you do?" She asked as I gave it a wash in the bubbles of Red White & Blue.
" Well it is a something I have had in my Minds Eye for some time now.Years in fact!" I replied, and so after my chin wagging,eventually she smiled away in complete understanding ,as she went into the kitchen to make some Tea.
 On my Table
The French Invade Belgium 15th June 1815 shortly before the Great Rain fell from such  a Dark Stormy Sky as this. The French Lancer above has spotted something of value ,and a Great Worth perhaps even for Napoleon himself.
"You are certain You`ve seen them?" The excited Officer asked. "Yes,Sir they are upon the Brussels Road,at Quatre Bras, and I have seen their Great Strength, and to the right of them, Blucher & the Prussians are at Lingly." 
We can always check history for the number of troops in each army ,and perhaps if we wish to,in great detail uniform wise or even boot size, but what is their Great Strength? 
There is Lord Wellington & Lt General Pickton in Stove Pipe Hat & Officers of the Day,and Between them all,their strength of "Unity! ",coupled to, " The Great Lion of England!"   Picton & Wellington to Quatre Bras and with part of the Allied Army. Blucher must look to his Front at Ligny. The French have come between them. Humbugged! As Wellington remarked. 
What happend next is altogether another story for perhaps another Day. 
 By the way Mrs B,is quite happy she has found some rather shinny galvanized steel buckets in the garden. "I cannot  think where they came from," I said. "         BB


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  2. Thanks Peter.The Lion in question is a Metaphor representing the Power of Britain at that time. Like in this context, Britain is on the Prowl like a Roaring Lion,and as such it is not the Stone Lion on top of that Mound. BB

  3. So Sorry Peter, I deleted your message instead of the one I messed up. That's just like me to do a stupid thing like that. I guess I should also wear a hat as being my own administrator. BB

  4. No worries Paul! This can happen! What the most importing was in the post, is that the lion was placed after the battle. And it is not from stone, but from iron!