Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Medieval Buildings by Beano Boy

There are many a way to scratchbuild Buildings and this is one of my ways which although time consuming never the less it is a very cheap and effective way to achieve a good result.
Basicially any building is a type of box,four sides and a top & bottom,and so if you can  make a  simple box you can make  any scale of model building. I used Paper Picture Card,which is used for Mounting Pictures. Cheap as Chips. A large sheet 36"X 24"   price £2.50

 I wanted a set of old medieval buildings that over time had had repairs carried out on them. These buildings would have had many a use in former times however they were in my minds eye made for storage alongside the River Wensum., Lots of trade in medieval times came up the rivers from the coastal area`s of Britain. I decided to make my model in two parts that would eventually be linked into one building. Easy two boxes joined together. First getting the scale right. Above the little HO OO figure I made Yonk`s ago.He standing like so gives you the reader the size of the building.

Here I have cut out four sides two with the Apex of my roof.  Stuck together and reinforced inside  with card, it was then marked out in pen on all its sides. If you can draw a small circle our tiny oblong brick like shape you can do this. After it has been marked out  row upon row , the work of raising up each stone and brick begins. In the picture a small spot of Waterproof PVA GLUE is added onto each stone. Working around and around each side and then adding more glue to each former spot. Eventually satisfied with it,it was painted with white emulsion. Later colour was added ,and when completely dry a Black colour wash with a small amount of PVA Glue in it was applied to all the stone & brickwork.
The roofs were made from the same paper card,and marked out in pen and then each line and tile was scribed by using an old metal pen,which was a perfect tool for this job. Each paper card that would form the roofs was cut half way through on a center line underneath bent up to form the sloop of the roof & stuck on. Bits of card then added created the look of old stone work.          
The roofs were painted black & later dry brushed  with a tiny mix of orange & brown . The little fellow seems pleased with the end result,which now sits on my Honeywell  Town & Railway  Layout.   BB                                                                                                                    

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