Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Rocking Horse & Blucher`s Last Charge by Beano Boy


This is the Season of Goodwill in the Winter of 1818,and it is Bluchers last Charge as seen by his Family and Friends. 
 The Napoleonic Wars are over.


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    1. Thank`s, Phil for your Very Nice Comment. BB

  2. Very nice indeed - and I bet, fun to paint!

  3. Well Yes RMacedo,I had such fun painting these tiny 20 mm figures up.
    A rather comic book adventure too,because the Horse is rather fragile especially so with Clumsy Me, The FiddleWood Gnome , soldering iron in hand fixing it onto its Rocker Base. However with sound advice from Mrs B,the full job was done and dusted in no time. Wonderful 20mm model figures,and I highly recommend them. Thank you for your nice comment. BB

  4. You did a great job on these two also Paul! Thanks for sharing!
    PS: please install that followers button. You installed two times the same gadget. Look below. The followers button looks like the one on the top of my blog.


  5. Hi Peter Mrs B helped me,and I believe things have been put right this end. Thank you for the help & advice , and your very nice comment too. The figures were a real treat & pleasure to paint. BB