Tuesday, 3 February 2015

British Hussars______ The Muffeteers! & French Lancers ________ Plus KEATS by Beano Boy


These are my Muffeteers! Why the name? Well it was  ," A Taking the Mick Name ",given to Hussar regiments by other troops in the British Army. Making fun of these light cavalry regiments was due to the Fur Busby  they all wore. ( Fur Shako )  It being very badly made it flopped all over the place when in the field,and resembled the Fur Muffs that ladies of the day wore to keep their hands warm in the cold weather.

The British Hussars are fresh from their boxes many years after  they had been painted and boxed away . This set of figures were first produced in 1985.  All painted with many a mistake to them mainly because of a lack of information from back in the day.

To the far right the French Dutch & Polish Lancers

My, Oh My! Theres our little one eyed KEATS, our little Musky upon one of her daily patrols. Yes you could say, she is keeping an eye on the place.
All this while I review the troopers  & take a few snaps with the camera.

 At this time,I have masses of cavalry galloping their way through the postal service so I can create more British Cavalry Regiments for Waterloo,and with the information only a fingertip away,get them all present and correct,along with the drum roll and well fit for Muster. 

Above the French Lancers,to put no finer point to it are on the prode.
The 7th Dragoons ( The Queens Own Hussars! ) receive a prickly surprise as the French Dutch Lancers slam into them.
With a wag of her tail,and quite unconcerned by the ruckus coming from the table top,KEATS earning her keep takes another trot around.

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