Wednesday, 25 February 2015

ESCI Hussars for Waterloo by Beano Boy

                                                  First of all this has got to hurt.

The plan is to convert these horses by adding a blanket and Feed bags on them using Greenstuff as a modelling material. A something I have never attempted before. So it should be good for quite a Giggle!  Horse Reins will be added too. MMMMMM! Thin wire perhaps.
Well I managed it, but during the process the primer got pulled off by this Sticky Greenstuff. Having hundreds to convert this is a learning curb exercise. So having learnt by my mistakes next time I`ll do the work with the Greenstuff and then prime E`m! Next job a Large Dollop of enamel paint  applied using an Old Yard Brush, Now I`m well set for the next stage. Actually painting these pieces of galloping plastic.
Yes, of course I did manage to leave room for the Hussars butts on the saddles.
  Update Soon.  BB


  1. Why didn't you paint them complete before taking them of the pin? Would have been much easier in my opinion!


  2. Sorry for the very late response Peter. The figures shown were just placed to see if they fitted well onto the sadel before the painting of them was finished. So unto the pins they went after this photo was shot. Thanks for commenting.BB