Sunday, 8 February 2015

My Figures for Project BFFF : The Waterloo type Diorama by Beano Boy

I`ve been working on these figures for the Project ( BFFF  WATERLOO 1815 ) on Benno`s  Figure Forum.Taking pictures then viewing them can achieve  some good results using the camera eye to pick out where more work is needed. In my case lots touching up and finishing of these tiny 22 mm figures.

 The French & British Dragoons, and a British Life Guard for the Project.
Fingers crossed perhaps even a British Horse Guard too.
Above was the result of a mistake on the camera settings.
While I fiddled about trying to get my usual one.
At 66 years young,my eyes ain`t  that good ,
                                              but it is a hobby I love and enjoy.  BB


  1. That's a great work Paul !!
    amazing painting work !

    and you have a blog !! great new !!! I will add it on my blog roll immediately !
    welcome in the blog-world !

  2. and I must say that the pictures are perfect ! congrats my friend !

  3. Splendid paint job on these figures!!

  4. Thanks Pascal,and Phil for commenting on my topic. I am repainting other figures to replace these,because the paint has pinged off,on a couple of them.Just trouble with the Army Painter Primer I used. I buy the best & get the worst it seems. So back to the start again.However practice is good they say,but in my case never can be perfect. BB

  5. Great work! I will have a look at them at Arhnem in June!


    1. Sorry Peter, for very late reply. I only wished I`d painted the whole box of French Infantry too,because these were absent from Jan`s table. BB