Sunday, 22 February 2015

Photoshoot idea by Beano Boy

I take many photo`s throughout the course of each week. Mainly of model figures or scratchbuilding projects that I design and then make. Often is the case only one or two shots of figures alone are required in order to check out the finish of the painting that has been done, or is in the process of paint being applied  to the subject matter. The camera, a most useful tool can, and does pick out           tiny detail errors,so by checking in this way I can see what needs to be corrected. Not being one to buy expensive things that are often not needed in my hobby work, i improvise and use what I have instead. Pennies saved eventually can mean more Pounds spent on Models & Paint. Therefore I wish to pass on my own Photoshoot idea on how to make in seconds a small Photoshoot Booth that costs practically nothing to make,because what is required is in most homes these days. By doing so I hope it can be a benefit to others in the hobby.

 So it Begins.  Step 1  A 4 Size paper is laid flat.

Step 2  A book is then stood up like so.

 Step 3  blu tac is applied to stop the pages from flipping during the photo shoot. This stuff will not tear the pages.

Step 4  A few Sheets of A 4 Size paper is placed like so,and it will form a nice rounded curve shape.It will stand up supported by the book,and will need no other fixings.

Step 5 Choose the subject. In my case British Artillry 1815 produced by A CALL to ARMS.

                                                     Another shot,another angle

This time ,a Saxon  Figure. CHARBENS 1950`s Toy Figure.
Now coloured sheets of paper,or a simple picture could be added if needed for the ground or backdrop.This is however is left to others imagination on how they wish to expand upon the idea. Have Fun  BB 

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