Friday, 27 March 2015

Hillcrest Cottage by Beano Boy

It was three weeks ago that Mrs B and i were talking over old times and she related to me her found memories as a young girl growing up in Cambridgeshire. This was during  the post war period of the 1950`s,and she made mention of Mrs Triggle who lived at Hillcrest Cottage. So animated was the style and  discription of people and places,that I decided to build from scratch what was in my minds eye Hillcrest Cottage.I also wrote the first story , of________ "Mrs Triggle The Duck Lady."

Making the Cottage

As can be seen the base is made,and it will include a boat house,and a landscaped garden with surrounding walls. It will also include two Wooden Arbours, one  over each entrance into the garden. The full scratch build and my manuscript can be viewed on Benno`s Figures Forum in the Tutorial section ,under as always my name Beano Boy.   You can if you have a wish to,Google,How To Make a Quick Build Cottage,and that item can be seen in the List there. So simply click onto it and you have arrived to view the Topic.It is always Free to Visit.     BB