Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A Flying Circus for HoneyWell _________ by Beano Boy

I bought just one box of these  Revell  plastic model kits,a few weeks ago and upon opening the box I realised  it to be closer to the HO OO scale of my HoneyWell  Layout. With its planed Town & Railway,plus waterways and Canal ,I thought why not a small airfield  for a Flying Circus? So after pondering upon the question for a few days. Yip! It was still worth putting into play what was at that time and still is in my imagination. So I bought two of each of what can be seen here . One for constructing and painting, and one still boxed up in my ever growing Model  Collection.

I must admit that i have not constructed aircraft kits since the early 1960`s . So the Wheel of Time and for Seizing Opportunity has once more sort of turned  full circle again for me a son of the poor widow.


These are quite the cheapest kits on the market to buy,and at half the price of AIRFIX  Kits it made sense to buy two while there was the bright opportunity to buy them.

Above another two that was on my short list.   The Collection is growing ,as is the Flying Circus. What I need now is some ground grew to help wind them all up.

I have just bought the kit above because I wish to use parts from it in a conversion.

 I bought this kit above for the simple reason that it has different Decals than the others I bought.


  1. You're brave my dear Paul !
    I'm completely unable to build a model of more than 3 parts !
    I love the idea of a Flying Circus !

  2. There's just something special about the look of WWI planes, but some of their painjobs are pure psychedelia!! But at least these look a little simpler to paint??

  3. Well I being not brave at all Pascal,but a creature with odd flurries of over activity in my tiny brain box of mixed up cross eyed grey matter,and over spinning glass marbles,must just try and do something different, but moving forward into other sticky strong smelling stuff!
    Ray, you are indeed right. My dear Mrs B,likes the cuteness of the things and so I bought some for my Collection ,and others which if I get mixed up in putting A to B but end up actually sticking them all on the wrong pieces,they will be the best darn conversions for the many to view, and wonder wide-eyed,just how on earth did he do that? Seems to me they cannot fly even when proper trimed out in fine colours on their wings,so getting it rightly wrong makes no never mind. Thank you both for commenting on this item,it has cheered me up no end,and has proved that there is intelligent life out there after all. BB

  4. Great collection of WW1 planes! How you will manage to put them together well!


  5. Peter putting them together good or otherwise will require me wearing rubber gloves for sure,I`m allergic to the glue used to construct these things. I have not done an aircraft kit since childhood,but have a few ideas on just how I wish to use them ticking away in my fancy ,and hopefully they will be a surprise to many. BB