Friday, 24 April 2015

Henry`s Medieval Tower a Scratch Build by Beano Boy

It was way back in November of 2013 that I started to build this eight sided Medieval Tower,with a view to showing how it was designed ,marked out,cut out ,put together and the detail of the place worked on. While placing each update along with lots of fun besides on Benno`s Figure Forum a  very Cool Place quite dear to my heart,I decided to show the clutter the mess and even the mistakes when things went wrong or stuff needed changing.It was there on the Forum that they allowed me the Eccentric, Madcap ,but honest Beano Boy to place many a Topic of This,That and the Other. Well Tons of stuff anyway that is for certain ranging from toy Figures,model figures,and other scratch building stuff,and more besides like my story telling . You see? I make things with the grand idea to us them in comic book style using  photo`s to help relate the story.It may not be everyones Cup of Tea,but  the object is to have fun ,and along the way perhaps bring a tiny bit of laughter in viewers lives if they have eyes and kind heart for it. Concerning Henry`s Tower,I built it in my usual style to save money,instead of saving time and spending lots of money. Anyway having left working on the Tower for Yonk`s I decided yesterday to give it a colour wash. My own stuff mixed up in a jar.  Water, black , brown, and green emulsion paint,and PVA Waterproof Glue. Given a good mixing with a very large brush,i began the process He, He, of Splash,dash,methodical wrist like Zorro,action.

These rather Posh Edwardians insisted on me taking their photo on their visit to this place,and they are  wonderful metal HO OO  1/76 railway scale figures from Andy Stadden. Google his name and get access to his shop on line. I highly recommend his stuff. Right then. Where was I ?  O yes, these new arrival`s totally understood just why Old King Henry allowed this eight sided Tower to be built. It being the case the Master Masons decided,that each odd wall of it represented a King Henry,of England,in former days leading up from the first one to King Henry VII himself. They also placed hidden symbols on each and every wall too,and an easy one is actually found upon the stone steps leading to the entrance.The history of this place is somewhat shrouded in mystery,but there are tales a many of great battles for this place,and even some that are set firm and fixed tight in the near future. One could say that these hard ,sharp flint walls are just awaiting that time,in Time & Space to arrive.

                                                       So work begins again

 Paper Card Buildings are so much fun to create,along with all the mess!

On the stone floor  lays a bag of Kiln Dried Sand,a certain something good I will use to make the long awaited for Base. 

By the way.To avoid accidents I blu tac the jar of Wash  to my little work table.

There will be Oak Beams added to  both sides of the piece above after a little more lighter colour is added later,and because the Wash applied has dried waterproof the added colour will not react with it. So there is good sound reason in   my cheap home spun mixture.It ain`t magic,it just works out fine.

Chimneys are so easy to make as are the Pan Tiles or Slate Rock Roofs that they sit upon ,and on which they gossip constantly to each other upon their daily overseeing sights that they always have just cause to look down upon.

What cheek a Nosey Roman just waltzed in for a Gander at all the work just  like Goosey Goosey. ( A look see! ) I must fix the solid Oak Door with hinges, and bolts of steel onto this place,if I can find out where I put it.  So hopefully the next time he decides to call he`ll need a Battering Ram and a few hundred men in trying hard to gain access.

Yip!Another two Romans upon the stone steps too. So here can be seen Henry`s Eight sided Medieval Tower above. More posting will come later on this Topic ,but until then.That`s it for now.  BB


  1. As said on Benno's, this is a fantastic made tower!


  2. Excellent and creative job, love this beautiful tower!

    1. O`! My!,I missed this one Phil. Over two years late but,thanks for that long ago comment. BB

  3. Thanks Peter,and Phil,I long ago realised that having very little in the way of money that if I could not afford it I`d make my own model`s. Money saved goes on buying stuff for my other eccentric railroading hobby,and my other toy & model figure collections. BB

  4. Blimey that looks brilliant!!!!

  5. Thanks Ray,for the brilliant Blimey! As you now I`m not into wargaming,but I do,do lots of clutter and mess,but not necessarily in that order. BB