Saturday, 4 April 2015

La Belle Alliance 6mm by Beano Boy

                     This was something very different indeed for me.It being 6mm whereas I usually paint 1" scale or 1/72 scale figures. However I bought and painted this the best I could for the Project BFFF  on Benno`s Figures Forum and 6mm scale was required, and so it was. The figures are Strelets French Infantry in Advance and one of these figures along with this small model building has already been sent upon its way in The Royal Mail. Yes, and the price of postage went up this week too.

First I applied three Washes all over with Black Emulsion Paint.

 Then i dry brushed it several times with an almost dry brush to bring out the detail of the bricks and roofing tiles
This picture of the Belle Alliance was bought by the Prince Regent in 1815,and is in the Royal Waterloo Trust Collection,and it shows rendered walls , with the name of the place painted on in two places,which is most correct indeed,but 6mm is way to small for little i to see to paint such a wonder as that.            BB


  1. Nice work on that tiny house !

  2. Thank you Sam Wise, for your comment. It being well out of my painting comfit zone I have a wonderful hope never to paint 6mm buildings ever again.However this extra item and work, was for a very good cause. BB

  3. Cool painting Paul! Let's have more 6mm stuff!!!

  4. Ray,thank you for the compliment ,but no more 6mm buildings for me. I have plans for 15mm buildings,but I wanted to scratch build them myself. What I see of the resin buildings is far to many air holes in the castings. The Belle Alliance had two holes and one quite large on one of the chimneys so it was repaired with Green Stuff and with a shape craft knife the bricks were re-sculptured. As far as the painting is concerned I would have liked to have done a better job of it, with the name of the place painted in the two places on the building where they are seen in the picture above, but it was way to small a thing for me to paint it in that way.

  5. Tiny but very good painted!


  6. Thanks Peter, for your comment. Requiring no real skill on my part in the way of painting that is,well watered down emulsion paint was used to make very thin colour washes.Other neat paints would fill in all that brick & tile detail. I choose not to use thinned down acrylic paints because of the problems I`ve recently had with the stuff peeling off. Working on figures,and seeing it peel off really P`d me off. I buy the best expensive paint advertised ,and receive a raw deal. Undercoat Spray primer is costly Joke!
    I must add,at the time of Waterloo the Belle Alliance was rendered up,but because this model was not for myself I paid little attention to this issue. BB