Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Secret Garden by Beano Boy

_______________________       WELCOME  to The Secret Garden__________

  It was 16 years ago that Mrs B,and I began to plan and then build the structures in our  five tiny gardens that skirt around our house. Gardens so tiny that I wanted very large wooden Arbours both in and over them to  help create that feeling of a much Bigger Space than there actually is. "Small garden?" I ask people,and "Yes" they often reply."Well have you considered that up is free ,you know? So why not use it." Small spaces? Then Think BIG! Of course it took eight years to finish all  those gardens.
 The gardens are surrounded by high wooden fences,fences we arrected ourselves lifting every panel, and post.Digging the deep holes, mixing up concrete to bed the posts in with the proper tools needed for the job in hand too. It was 17 years ago that I moved into the house,and at that time vandels would often smash our fence panels in. So I designed an anti-social fencing all around the  the tiny gardens. It is so hard and strong ,that the fellow of the Friday night binge drinking near broke his arm trying hard to smash his elbow into what he thought to be a thin flimsy fence panel. So pissed off with feeling the fool with his friends looking on. He then decided to kick the fence and near broke all his toes. From an upstairs window,I watched him limp away up the little court with his mates. Needless to say really none ever tried to smash any part of it again.


Bella,is peeping through the gate,as little Keats looks on with her one good eye,the other having been removed when she was a young pup.


Old George keeps an eye on the front garden

In the next Part ; Beyond this Garden Gate?
The Secret Garden

  It is here from the outside that the garden gate swings open with a welcome smile,so please come on in. A fresh shower has just passed over,this part of our garden. This is our tiny evergreen  garden.  Tiny true,but remember that up is free?

The spikey Yukka,one of two stands guard just inside the gate. "Watch your eyes," I am always telling my Mrs B," You only get one set of eyes in this life you know?" The wet pathway runs its little course around the Lion Feature now covered almost over by Ivy and spiders webs. Beneath a little pool well fit for our resident frogs rests silent still and overgrown. Later I`ll get new pictures of this feature that has a large ivy clad Pergalor over its head. The brick`s that line the pathway were those we collected from the Wood that flanks our garden on two sides. Dumped and scattered far and wide each one fetched home in our overworked metal barrow, with its wobble of a soft front flat wheel.

 Here we have large concrete balls home made mixed and cast up into plastic beach type balls! I made a few of mixed sizes using smaller playfull balls too. There to the right the  Oak beams reach up supporting the  Pergalor, which   one hot summer Mrs B,and I had made up ourselves with many a cheerful smile and wicked laugh. 12 foot Posts & Bolts of iron too. A Gothic design well fit to mask a plain upright house wall with no feature except that of flaking old white paint. 17 years before It truly had been such a sad unused empty space. The plain stark wall of the house,void of any window, and a triangle piece of ground with an old shed leaning well tired and worn out,as if it had been in some odd race,and had stopped to catch its second wind,but had given up, and had then lost all hope of that prize so simply flopped against an old fence panel for support.

The paving slabs were all spotted oddly throughout all the outside spaces not really fit to be described as any sort of gardens at all,but they were all lifted stacked to one side and when design had been drawn and actions put into play,they the heavy concrete slabs were laid in place where they still are. Tiny evergreen Ferns,and Palms,and Grasses and cuttings from here and there were planted .Now they are over all reaching their spot  allotted to them,and I suppose that I dare say this my favourite evergreen part,is truly a finished garden. For you who are starting out upon creating a garden think and buy small plants,but think and Big,and let them all grow at  natures pace. 

The strong gate now swings closed ,and is bolted with three steel bolts, but there is much more to see in our Fiddle Wood property,because the garden winds its way as if an old river bed.

Our garden seat made from offcuts from Oak fence Posts,and house bricks.

This lady stands just within the limits of this garden ,and she is framed well when viewed from the next little garden, by another Gothic style Arbour of solid Oak. Coloured baked in the oven glass has been slotted into place high above heads as they pass through upon their sight seeing trip

The next  garden will be shown at a much later date because the Summer Bedding is now being put into play. Mrs B`s green fingers,and not mine.  See Ya Later. BB
This is part of our pond,and if you look closely you will see Fred & MayBell. BB


  1. That is a beautifull garden! I'm a bit jelous!


  2. Peaceful and beautiful garden...and great blog!

  3. Nice to see you guys have looked into my little Blog. Thanks for the comments too. Often is the case we show visitors our tiny courtyard gardens. Not a point of vanity,we just like to share with others the surroundings that took many years to complete,and many more years to mature. All the plants,evergreens or not were bought when tiny affordable things,and now many are quite huge. Mrs B,my better half has green fingers,and takes cuttings from plants so gradually the gardens began to fill up nicely with plants. Unwanted plants of which over the years were many were given away to friends.The raised concrete beds seen in this posting,were made from old paving slabs that were in the garden when we moved into the house.I simply made wooden boxes ,Patterns for creating concrete straight and right angled brackets,which were cast up in concrete,so each slab could be slipped into them while standing upright. All bedded in cement. The pattern stuck onto the front of the slab`s were made by using a cheep ceiling rose usually used while fitting lights in homes. I took impressions of this,in sand,and also Jelly Moulds and cast them all in concrete.Yes Jelly Moulds as in fruit & Jelly ,us Brits are found of slurping down our gullets. The other gate to another garden will be opened soon and will reveal our tiny evergreen garden. BB

  4. A Big Welcome from you Guys on Twitter! Beano Boy