Saturday, 30 May 2015

My Two Part Silicone Mould by Beano Boy

Tools I used.    Lego Bricks to make the Moulding Box.  A Calking Gun. A small Soup Bowl for mixing up.An old Table Spoon.The Top off an acrylic paint bottle.And of course my Mitts! ( Hands!)

        Ingredients used are listed below.The first one on the list is Cheap Silicone.

To save confusion the picture above is the Black Silicone,but I used the clear one for this mould. As long as it is 100% Silicone it can be any colour of choice,and colour can even be added while the mixing process is taking place.

                                                                  THE FIRST MIX

3 heaped Table Spoons of Corn Flour  ( Starch! ) 3 heaped Table Spoons of Baby Powder. 2 Spoons of Baby Oil. 8 good squirts of the Silicone heaped like Table Spoons. So I aimed for a 50% 50% Mix. ( It being the case that Silicone smells strongly of Vinegar I always open a window & door.)
All the Silicone was  covered with the powder mix, and using the spoon all ingredients were worked into a  Dough like mixture and shaped by hand with a good dusting of Baby Powder, leaving it looking much like that of a Dumpling or that of Dough for Bread Making! The Lego Box being well prepared before the mixing, was now filled with my home made moulding mix .It was all pressed in with my fingers & thumbs. Also pressed into place was the Pattern! Yes, my little two and a half inch Sailor  was pressed into place quite easily up to his halfway point.  His feet being put against the Lego Bricks, which made this the entry point for casting up this little fellows mould. The edges were easy to smooth off with fingers and thumb because of the Baby Oil being in the mix,and this oil also helps the stuff to cure much better. Using the Top off the acrylic paint bottle,Peg Holes were sunk into place all around the figure. When the top half  of the mould was made ,these formed solid pegs making it possible for a perfect fit each time that the mould is used.

While I`m doing this Moulding,I `ve put work on my Narrow Boats on hold,because of limited space in which to work.  In the meantime the Lego Box was built up to form the other half of the mould.  

 I left it until the next day then using the same 50% 50% Mix ,the mould was filled up after a little Baby Oil had been lightly brushed on around the figure,which formed a parting point to each half. So the  Mould is finished. Stuff left over was tucked into place into an open top mould for another project which ment nothing was waisted.   Total Cost of making this two part mould £1.60.
A small jar of ready made stuff would cost £10.00,and using a wide choice of other modelling stuff a heck of a lot more.
Although this mix did cure within two hours I left it for six hours before the Lego Bricks were removed, and they are in the washing up bowl getting clean for the next how to mould project. The Mould perfectly came apart as planned and out popped my little Sailor without any trouble at all. At present it is a bit oily so it will be washed too in soapy water. This was a very cheap project that even children could do, and without being exposed to dangerous chemicals. Once the little Chap is cleaned up he will go back into the plant pot outside our window.As for the Reusable Mould it will be cast up in Plaster of Paris and a something else ,which will mix up into a very good Waterproof Mixture.

The Mould has just been Cast Up. Two  pieces of Polystyrene  had been added one to  each side and the complete bundle had been fixed tightly around with Sellotape before the pour. The top was levelled off just before it went completely hard. Thus avoiding trimming the hard stuff off later. Cured in 10 minutes,but mould left to be open much later.I aint in no big rush!

The first Sailor of a few planned popped out fine with no flash at all, but I need to tidy him up later by using a sharp knife and my thumb. I plan to make eight Sailors for a fun time project later in the year which is a certain something I`ve wanted to do for years.

  I managed to make all my Sailors,and while mixing and casting them up,I manage to cast up 40 28mm Gabions  too which can be seen in the picture.
All in Blue

 It`s been a while since I made these little fellows ,and now an undercoat waterproof home made primer wash went on easy and most of the painting has gone to plan. I find it is easier in this cartoon type stuff to keep it simple like a Puppet Show. I`m quite pleased with them,and I now have to decide on how best to show them. A Battle Ship,or Cruiser? Much to Big. A Gun Battery! That Sounds Good. I`ll Think on It.    BB

Thursday, 28 May 2015

My Dear Mrs B by Beano Boy

Often is the case that in writing  one tries to bring in contrasting situations, for instance, Black and White in order to heighten and give extra depth or meaning to a story. Both have been included and have been written of here.  However,this is a True Story.

 My Mrs B, is quite wonderful in the way she goes about doing good things throughout her day. She tends all of our little courtyard gardens ,and also looks after a tiny raised garden belonging to our neighbour. She also looks after me without moaning or complaint, and I am rather messy about the place, with my stuff.      Each year at this time  Mrs B, buys the bedding plants for our hanging baskets, and rather old weather worn clay  pots,and always there are some left over from her planting that go into the  neighbours raised garden too. We never mind that this tiny plot costs use a few pounds to keep  bright  trim and tidy, because out kitchen window overlooks this lushness of flowering plants and so it is of great benefit for us too. To do otherwise would mean looking out from our windows and all we would see, is a sea of bland concrete slabs that make up the court where we live.  It is also very nice to view all year round, because like our own evergreen front garden there are a few in this little raised up flowerbed too. 

Yesterday without telling me Mrs B ,took my Disability Pushchair and off she went, and was soon back with enough compost for refilling  what needed to be done. Soon the baskets were well finished, as were the pots, and a few plants will go into that raised flowerbed just behind her. I was as always amazed, by her and what she does, but also deeply concerned , because three weeks ago my Dear Mrs B, was savagely attacked by a neighbours Brute of a Dog! So I nearly lost the love of my life on that horrid  Sunday morning. 
One day after the attack!

9 Days after the attack!
She was wearing a coat and it was that which saved her from receiving more damage to her arm. The Bite Tore into her arm very deeply and if it had been one inch lower my dear Mrs B,would have bleed out within 8 minutes. She was unlucky, but most fortunate too,and 10 days after the attack the stitches came out,and Gosh! She has mended really fast,but for a lady who loves Dogs, she is a bit weary of them now. My Mrs B,My Sue has healed very well and reckons to have gotten over the Shock of it all,but Alas quite frankly I have not.  BB

Friday, 15 May 2015

Scratch Building Narrow Boats by Beano Boy

I suppose every day is a scratch building adventure in my life,and I look at each day as a gift of life and use it to the full,in whatever it is I decide to do.   Over the past month I`ve been working on making Narrow Boats for my Honeywell Layout.  A place born from my own dreamy like fancy. Now these are not model boats in any way shape or form,but simple things  built with flat bottom`s because I have no intension to build up huge great stretches of river that has to be filled up to the brim in expensive pouring stuff! Been there and already done that. Ok,then take a B & W look please and cruise along as if you where on the Norfolk Broads in the 1940`s or 50`s. I promise you that it will jump eventually into colour.
Paper Card and Polystyrene  

Seeing no great need to buy boats at £43 each,I decided to work on several at the same time, they cost pennies to make,and it is quite good fun!

_________________________ Colour Is Coming Now_______________________

_______________________________Well Sort Of_______________________________

Before anything gets finished theres always the pleasure of making a mess,and in reality I am a firm believer in showing it.   Above Free Emulsion Paint Mrs B, fetched home  along with a few half empty tins of other colours. Yip! Free is Great! Splish ,Splash ,the painting has begun.

Rubber Tires &  other Boat Protectors made from wire and Greenstuff! These are pined and glued in place.

_________________ All 4 Mile An Hour,Chug A Lug Boat`s_______________________

________ A little Base I`m working on showing a little stretch of river,and the Mess!______

Other Narrow Boats & Barges that they pull after them will have Chain & Rubber Tiers fixed onto their Hulls. Metal eyelets are now being used on the portholes.  100  Eyelets price £1.49 ,and 5M Chain price £1.37 both from China.

I borrowed part of my railway bridge just to show these boats as an illustration only.So there ain`t no water just boats. OK?

_________________________More Soon  BB_________________________


Sunday, 10 May 2015

Scratch Built Church by Beano Boy

Four years ago I bought some old AIRFIX models,and one of the them was a Church,but it was far two small even for HO OO Scale. So I set about scratch building this one, and made one double the size of that tiny AIRFIX model. Six months ago while carrying out work in the room where my models live,this Church was damaged, it being the case both Stone Crosses,and the Weather Vain were broken off. So finally today I decided to restore the damaged parts,and then I applied a Wash onto the flint and stone work.   

I methodically  brushed my heavily watered down Emulsion Paint and P V A  Glue Mix on one side only, and then let it dry, before turning it again to apply the mix to another side.  I find this a much better way, than just sloshing it on all over in one  speedy go,only to see the wash, trickle down the walls making rather a lot of messy dark pools on my old work table.  Now when this model is dry it will be waterproof, so if I wish to add more colour to the stone work,it will not over react with the added Wash. 

It was a fiddly job cutting out the tiny crosses, which are now sitting quite at home over each entrance,and thankfully the task was accomplished  without myself loosing a finger or a clumsy thumb

This table is a bit messy,but here is my little Church which I made using Picture Framing Card,and it sits where tons of landscaping work is being carried out at this present time. 
I will be making a new Church Yard for this piece to snuggly sit upon, and I hope to include it and other stuff on a tiny 5 x 3 foot Diorama that is slowly taking place as each day unfolds. 

This is the inside which shows the painted paper card,and the windows crudely stuck inside where made using PVA Glue simply painted onto a glass cutting board from the kitchen.

The glass board has a nice ripple effect to its design so painting the glue on two or three times copied well this detail,and when set dry,it was just removed by a sharp craft knife. Once one edge of the glue is slightly lifted up by the knife blade it is easy to remove, because it is no longer air tight.Then it was trimmed to size required leaving windows fit for my purpose. When on the Layout three tiny coloured lights give this piece a  glowing look after dark,so I saw no need to stain my home made glass with colour. ( An Ink Wash could have been applied.  )
The top view.

This is the other side of the little Church.      BB