Saturday, 2 May 2015

D W Lancers by Beano Boy

 Feb 2014,came in raw cold as was usual ,and it saw me amassing a Huge Army of Alien Invaders.In doing so I also decided to do this odd topic on Benno`s Figure Forum,as a Wind Up. A Joke!  Well it cost nothing extra apart from cutting out the paper wings. A certain something that reminded me of younger times when we made our own Christmas Decorations way back in the day.  1950`s,Yip! I have 66 rings to my well worn little trunk.
I took the first photo,then tried to take another,and yes the batteries needed replacing in the camera.

Now these strange guys were buzzing around and were rather interested, in the power packs I loaded into my camera.

  Drum Roll Please.     Here they are my Regiment of D W Lancers. Dalek Winged Lancers! The Lancers made from paper and plastic bristles from a brand new Yard Brush!

The Grand Parade

An Army of 368 Daleks.  The best comment I had concerning my Wind Up,was to be called Mad as a Box of Frogs. Which I quite liked at the time and still do. BB

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