Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Esci : French Cuirassiers by Beano Boy

These are 24mm Plastic Figures, and I remember well, a certain something that I hated doing on these ,and it was fixing the fiddle-de-dee horse reins on each of these.

While making various bases up for other stuff, and although this one is unfinished, I thought to show theses guys on it while testing photo settings on my camera. Figures were painted 11 years ago and had stayed stored up in a box until today.  So this is their first viewing ,it must be said ,my painting has not improved much since painting these. I bought two boxes and  there are two standing poses missing which I used elsewhere for a Waterloo photo shoot.  
          Well those two poses required no extra fiddle - de - dee, work done on E`m!     BB

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