Thursday, 28 May 2015

My Dear Mrs B by Beano Boy

Often is the case that in writing  one tries to bring in contrasting situations, for instance, Black and White in order to heighten and give extra depth or meaning to a story. Both have been included and have been written of here.  However,this is a True Story.

 My Mrs B, is quite wonderful in the way she goes about doing good things throughout her day. She tends all of our little courtyard gardens ,and also looks after a tiny raised garden belonging to our neighbour. She also looks after me without moaning or complaint, and I am rather messy about the place, with my stuff.      Each year at this time  Mrs B, buys the bedding plants for our hanging baskets, and rather old weather worn clay  pots,and always there are some left over from her planting that go into the  neighbours raised garden too. We never mind that this tiny plot costs use a few pounds to keep  bright  trim and tidy, because out kitchen window overlooks this lushness of flowering plants and so it is of great benefit for us too. To do otherwise would mean looking out from our windows and all we would see, is a sea of bland concrete slabs that make up the court where we live.  It is also very nice to view all year round, because like our own evergreen front garden there are a few in this little raised up flowerbed too. 

Yesterday without telling me Mrs B ,took my Disability Pushchair and off she went, and was soon back with enough compost for refilling  what needed to be done. Soon the baskets were well finished, as were the pots, and a few plants will go into that raised flowerbed just behind her. I was as always amazed, by her and what she does, but also deeply concerned , because three weeks ago my Dear Mrs B, was savagely attacked by a neighbours Brute of a Dog! So I nearly lost the love of my life on that horrid  Sunday morning. 
One day after the attack!

9 Days after the attack!
She was wearing a coat and it was that which saved her from receiving more damage to her arm. The Bite Tore into her arm very deeply and if it had been one inch lower my dear Mrs B,would have bleed out within 8 minutes. She was unlucky, but most fortunate too,and 10 days after the attack the stitches came out,and Gosh! She has mended really fast,but for a lady who loves Dogs, she is a bit weary of them now. My Mrs B,My Sue has healed very well and reckons to have gotten over the Shock of it all,but Alas quite frankly I have not.  BB


  1. Ouch that looks nasty!! At least she's on the mend.

  2. Thanks for the comment Ray,and Yes Mrs B, is her Wonderful Self again and fully mended,but it was quite a close call. Often is the case we are so ill prepared for the unexpected,when it happens. BB