Friday, 15 May 2015

Scratch Building Narrow Boats by Beano Boy

I suppose every day is a scratch building adventure in my life,and I look at each day as a gift of life and use it to the full,in whatever it is I decide to do.   Over the past month I`ve been working on making Narrow Boats for my Honeywell Layout.  A place born from my own dreamy like fancy. Now these are not model boats in any way shape or form,but simple things  built with flat bottom`s because I have no intension to build up huge great stretches of river that has to be filled up to the brim in expensive pouring stuff! Been there and already done that. Ok,then take a B & W look please and cruise along as if you where on the Norfolk Broads in the 1940`s or 50`s. I promise you that it will jump eventually into colour.
Paper Card and Polystyrene  

Seeing no great need to buy boats at £43 each,I decided to work on several at the same time, they cost pennies to make,and it is quite good fun!

_________________________ Colour Is Coming Now_______________________

_______________________________Well Sort Of_______________________________

Before anything gets finished theres always the pleasure of making a mess,and in reality I am a firm believer in showing it.   Above Free Emulsion Paint Mrs B, fetched home  along with a few half empty tins of other colours. Yip! Free is Great! Splish ,Splash ,the painting has begun.

Rubber Tires &  other Boat Protectors made from wire and Greenstuff! These are pined and glued in place.

_________________ All 4 Mile An Hour,Chug A Lug Boat`s_______________________

________ A little Base I`m working on showing a little stretch of river,and the Mess!______

Other Narrow Boats & Barges that they pull after them will have Chain & Rubber Tiers fixed onto their Hulls. Metal eyelets are now being used on the portholes.  100  Eyelets price £1.49 ,and 5M Chain price £1.37 both from China.

I borrowed part of my railway bridge just to show these boats as an illustration only.So there ain`t no water just boats. OK?

_________________________More Soon  BB_________________________


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