Sunday, 10 May 2015

Scratch Built Church by Beano Boy

Four years ago I bought some old AIRFIX models,and one of the them was a Church,but it was far two small even for HO OO Scale. So I set about scratch building this one, and made one double the size of that tiny AIRFIX model. Six months ago while carrying out work in the room where my models live,this Church was damaged, it being the case both Stone Crosses,and the Weather Vain were broken off. So finally today I decided to restore the damaged parts,and then I applied a Wash onto the flint and stone work.   

I methodically  brushed my heavily watered down Emulsion Paint and P V A  Glue Mix on one side only, and then let it dry, before turning it again to apply the mix to another side.  I find this a much better way, than just sloshing it on all over in one  speedy go,only to see the wash, trickle down the walls making rather a lot of messy dark pools on my old work table.  Now when this model is dry it will be waterproof, so if I wish to add more colour to the stone work,it will not over react with the added Wash. 

It was a fiddly job cutting out the tiny crosses, which are now sitting quite at home over each entrance,and thankfully the task was accomplished  without myself loosing a finger or a clumsy thumb

This table is a bit messy,but here is my little Church which I made using Picture Framing Card,and it sits where tons of landscaping work is being carried out at this present time. 
I will be making a new Church Yard for this piece to snuggly sit upon, and I hope to include it and other stuff on a tiny 5 x 3 foot Diorama that is slowly taking place as each day unfolds. 

This is the inside which shows the painted paper card,and the windows crudely stuck inside where made using PVA Glue simply painted onto a glass cutting board from the kitchen.

The glass board has a nice ripple effect to its design so painting the glue on two or three times copied well this detail,and when set dry,it was just removed by a sharp craft knife. Once one edge of the glue is slightly lifted up by the knife blade it is easy to remove, because it is no longer air tight.Then it was trimmed to size required leaving windows fit for my purpose. When on the Layout three tiny coloured lights give this piece a  glowing look after dark,so I saw no need to stain my home made glass with colour. ( An Ink Wash could have been applied.  )
The top view.

This is the other side of the little Church.      BB


  1. Nice stuff, runs rings around the old Airfx / Dapol church.

  2. Thank you John,for commenting. I`m not into wargaming myself,but just love scratch building my own stuff. BB

  3. Thanks Ray,I`m planning to do the Church Yard next,with lots of leaning stones.