Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Spaghetti Columns a Fantasy Project by Beano Boy

If you have seen how I made the moulds you will perhaps remember that I used dry spaghetti to create the detail on the Pattern I used for my three and three quarter inch columns. Below is a sort of outline sketch of ruins of an ancient temple that I arranged in this way,as an illustration only.
Much more work is still required in order to finish this ever increasing fantasy project.

Two more columns are needed to finish the arrangement. Work is ongoing to make the both the base and steps of this mysterious place. One born out of a Dream, and not out of Reality!  It might take quite a while, because I have to make new patterns for those, and for the upper stonework for the remains of the Double Apex,which will stand on two rows of columns over the  entrances at both ends.  BB

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Silicone Rubber Moulds for Casting Ancient Columns by Beano Boy

If like myself you get a buzz out of making your own stuff,or you just like to see whats going  on with projects on my blog,then just follow along,as if upon the yellow brick road. This will be very pleasing for Little Old Me,and hopefully interesting for each of you
  Looking on Line at plaster columns for Dolls Houses,I found them to be very costly indeed. So after pondering upon the subject matter with the few little grey cells I have, I thought why not make some myself using very cheap plastic type columns used for Wedding Cakes!
The figures are 28mm to give one an idea of the scale.
Of course smaller scale figures can be used too,because the real things out there bleaching in the sun are Masive! Yes Indeed.
However  how on earth does one Make E`m?
With a Silicone Rubber Mould, cast up with Plaster of Paris a mixture used by Master Masons throughout the ages, and is still being used today. So no need to buy expensive resin products.
A Great Big Bag of Plaster of Paris  £22.99   Free Postage. One can cast hundreds if that was the plan to do so,or if only a few are required a small bag costs around £4.00.
I decided to make open ended moulds by placing each end of the Pattern to the edge of the Lego Box.This will make casting up very easy indeed.

 The old Lego set will serve me well in making the box needed in order to make the two part moulds. Simple and efficient  and above all re-useable time and time again.

Stuff Needed to Make The Rubber

100% Silicone.   The stuff above being black,but any colour will do the job. I much prefer the Clear Silicone,but on the day of buying I went for the cheapest price,with Free Postage.

                             Who needs to make cake when one has this project on the go.

This powder and the cornflour makes for a very smooth mix

 My Mixture for making the Rubber, A one to one mix of Silicone with that of Combined Corn Flower & Powder.

Now the Silicone smells strongly of vinegar so my door & windows were opened up wide.

The Lego Boxes were filled with the Silicone Rubber,and the Patterns were simply pushed into it to their half way point,then the stuff was trimmed off all around the Pattern with a knife. I use an old butter knife for this job.  Using this way of forming the first half of the mould,there is no need to make a clay odd-side, to set your Pattern in. So a great deal of unnecessary work has been simply avoided,that is shown on You Tube.

Using the top of an acrylic paint bottle  holes were sunk into the rubber. When the top half was made later the holes formed solid quide pins,that made sure the two half`s of the mould would always go neatly together every time it is used. Be it a few or a hundred or whatever the little homemade mould will always produce look alike castings.  Before the top part was moulded baby oil was brushed onto the rubber, and this is done after the  mix has cured solid, which is usually an hour after finishing the bottom half,but I like to leave it for two. Or overnight is fine.


The Lego Bricks came into play again and the other half was soon  built up and more baby oil was brushed onto the inside wall of bricks and also onto the rubber surrounding the Pattern again. This parting oil will separate each half of the mould making sure it does not stick to the bottom.So a nice clean lift off was made sure of later.
 I found the Patterns did not need to be oiled at all.  Soon it was filled in with the same type mix and it pressed down firmly using the wonderful tools we have_______fingers and thumbs.

 As planed these moulds came apart  very easily  after all the Lego had been removed.

The Patterns were removed and these flexible moulds were then left to soak in hot soapy water to remove the slippery oil.

Here the moulds were held together with Sellotape, Sticky Tape! So these were made ready for casting up with the Plaster of Paris.

15 minutes after the pour two very neat looking ancient  columns brand new and fresh from my new homemade moulds. 
Including everything listed in this project, it cost £5.00 to make each Silicone Rubber Mould.
The work is of course,on course and still ongoing at this present time,and so lots still to do.
I have been able to make six Column Moulds using the different Patterns,and I have another two to make.  I thought guys into Fantasy Builds would like to see how one can cheaply create their own kind of unique stuff.
                                 One of the Patterns I had to construct myself. It was the closest that I could get to the one in the picture above. Below this was how it was done. 

A wooden dowel was cut to required length  and insirted into each metal piece.

Then the base and the capital had to be in lined with each other and the Pattern checked for square making sure of a good upright column.

Above shown as an illustration,it shows the angle the Pattern would be pushed into the bottom half of the rubber mould. This angle makes it possible to get a nice clean lift off on all the finer detail work on the metal castings.

I wanted to create a good effect to the piece,and after pondering upon it for a few days I finally decided to use something  most of us have in our homes, Spaghetti.
" You might well have realised by this time BB is quite a Dreamer."

                         "I guess as one travels along the highways of life,it does pay to be one."

                                       The first piece was measured, cut, and stuck on.

I made a gap between each piece stuck on by allowing the glue to dry, and then a dry spacer piece was placed beside it,and then the next piece was glued on. So I  slowly worked my  way around the wooden dowel rod one tiny piece at a time, and the pattern worked out spot on.

As ancient shadows fall


An old idea of ancient things is slowly taking shape.  BB

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Through the Wood & Over The Nature by Beano Boy

 There is a very special place close to our hearts and it is just beyond the hedge row of our garden. It is the Fiddle Wood, Wood just outside and to the left of our evergreen front garden. Very Special this Greenwood is where Mrs B, and I live the happy retired life. We have two Dogs Keats, and Bella, and there is Bella with Mrs B. Keats is older so does not wish for long walks. This is also a short walk for myself, the first in fact since 9 months ago. Or it could be longer. Being disabled and house bound tends to effect the remembering process because each day seems the same. Don`t get me wrong each day for me is a grand affair with myself and Mrs B, busy doing lots of something`s. In my case I make lots of mess, and in Mrs B`s case she clears a lot up. This I know sounds awful ,but usually the mess is outside. She cuts this down, and trims that, and then into the Green Bin it goes. We pay extra for the Bin & Pickup, but it is a needful thing so there we have it. "I`ll leave the Ivy on the front of the house .The Robins are bringing up their young just over the doorway above our heads."  Mrs B said. Wonderful news our little feathered friends are with us all year round and they choose to nest in our garden too, as do the Great Tits, and the Blue Tits, and even the tiny Wren`s sometimes find a nook to do likewise.

(Somebody has tipped out something because no dog could pea like that.)
"Hang on,I just want to check my camera!" I called out  ,but off Bella went followed by Mrs B. I did manage to catch a leg though.By the way I am not in any of the camera shots even though I dressed for the walk. "Paul ,You cant go out with your shirt all covered in paint." Mrs B,said. 
 I disagreed, with her. "Some of its Chocolate! Yes I`ve been at the ice creams again I decleared with  a crafty smile.

My O` My! I noticed the Sheeps Parsley  has leaped up to our shoulder height as we head off into the wood. It is a grand sight at no mistake. Alas like most places in Great Britain the Giant Elm Tree`s died in our wood,and even though scraggy little ones grow they finally succomb to the same fate. However the perfumed pathway skirts gentle past Giant Oaks, and with camera to hand I just like to click away.

Mrs B is waiting,and I am just a dawdling,and Bella wants to hurry over to a place we call The Nature.Off they go again past another old Oak,and heading for the gateway leading onto St Faiths Road.
As I wobble along after them I would like to share a thought with you. Yes writers can do such things,
After I left the leafy green  Avenue of my youth,I lived in the City of Norwich for nearly 40 years,and there were no pleasant trees on our street ,just tiny well kept gardens , that fronted each Victorian terraced  house. The street with pathway and road of black tarmack is of course still there,but the gardens through idol ignorance have all but disappeared .17 years ago I left that place,and as if by magic flying carpet I arrived here in Fiddle Wood and apart from the rubbish thrown out of passing cars,and the often fly-tipping it is a most pleasing place to live,and I have sunk my roots in here and have no intention of leaving it until I pop my clogs!
As I round the large tree, click, click,I can see them waiting by the gate, and the crossing. The road a noisy place of speeding traffic awaits my gallop!

There is an entrance to Catton Park  just opporsite the gate on our side of the wood,and we have long called it,The Nature because it is a great place to walk with the dogs,on any a day. Long ago it had been a Deer Park  belonging to Catton Hall,and the whole place was designed by Repton!
 There is a very short walk through a slice of wood land and then a huge exspanse awaits the eye.

Away goes Bella. Away goes Mrs B

Away Go I?  No I am just snail pacing myself  along behind trying to capture the feel of this gentle walk on camera.

The wide pathway continues on.

We are nearing the point were we exit the tiny wood.

Mrs B, and Bella, are out of the shade and into sunshine.

Yip Little Me Too.

A Wonderful Place,that few know is there. We long ago had written permission by Lord Buxton himself stating we could walk the Deer Park & Wood on his land.  That was way back in the day when youths would steal cars in the City and after joy riding would burn them out on this beautiful piece of land. Well in the end burnt out car reck`s littered this place,and so the land was fenched off so no entry could lawfully be made. It was at that Time Mrs B, and I  sent a letter directly to the Lord of the Manor Lord Buxton pleading the case of others like ourselves who had lost a beautiful spot on our daily dog walks.

Soon after a letter arrived,granting us access and a new entrance was installed so we and others besides could continue to enjoy this place,that I quite find Magical Indeed.

The large trees Repton planted as twigs long ago.

There in the distance a Car Boot Sale is spotted.  Although we had a look,it was mostly rubbish. I spotted  some rear toys and was getting interested when the guy I was chatting about how much,What can you do on these ? Bartering! Well he lit up a Fag,and away I went quick as a flash! The Smell gives me fearsome headaches! So I saved  a heap of money, and he missed out on having his entire Doctor Who Collection of figures sold all kit and caboodle of it.

Theres my Mrs B,and Bella who usually is allowed to be off lead here,but not today.

Old Catton Hall
During the Great War it was occupied with the casualties that survived the carnage of that conflict, and just visible is the old dead Oak Tree to the right side of the Hall. It was upon this tree that a Mast from a boat was fixed,and held tightly by a heavy rusty chain. A flag was raise upon it  if the nursing staff needed help from the Doctor who lived in the City of Norwich about a mile and a half away. So if the Doc saw the flag he was quick sharp and keen as mustard to race up hill to see to the wounded .
So the Flag Mast was raised up in 1914,and cracked and riddled with holes it finally fell from the old dead tree last year 2014.   It seems a loss of history really in my way of thinking,I only found out about the flag and that Hall while I was doing research on the American Air Crews that were billeted there from 1942 until the end of WWII.  I also found out that my Dear Mother Grace Liddy had been in Service there in 1923 until 1926. A Half Crown a week and Sunday afternoons off. My word I cried when writing of it,and how her Father and two older Brothers had fallen in battle in 1914. Tears to find out by my Mother that the reward to the family from Government for such a sacrifice was to put the whole lot of them into the Workhouse. So poor Grace Liddy at the tender age of nine entered that Workhouse in Norwich with her two older sisters, and stayed there until she turned eighteen, in 1923 whereby she entered Service in the Hall where the  Titled Buxton family lived. 
My word how my typing finger wonders on at odd times. Such is Life.

Catton Hall is now an Old Folks Home for people with plenty of money.

This rather large peaceful place takes about 20 minutes to walk the outside pathways,and before it looked like this it was a large Wheat field up until five years ago,but sometimes  Sugar beat was drilled into its grey earth.

It was a short walk and soon we headed homeward bound once more.

The entrance to our side of the sweet smelling wood.


The gate which leads directly into the tiny courtyard where we live.

Beside the gate our rather lush hedgerow and within it somewhere is a nine foot reinforced fence,but the shrubs far exceed this height, and on the other side lay our secrete garden.

It`s a good nine or ten foot in height and the 17 foot Black Bamboo waves upon the breeze.


                                Our house beckons its welcome with its ever pleasant charm.

A very rare sighting of a Fiddle Wood Gnome. Be quiet they are rather recluse creatures in their playful nature, but any sudden noise tends to send them a running to their bunker beneath a Giant Oak Tree. The narrow pathway through nettles and around brambles is very well trodden on account of the White Rabbit who seems always to disappear down it in his lateness at least two or three times within his busy day. On very quite occasions Gnomes, like the one above often say to visitors, Please excuse the mess I always look like this.

Getting Vibes? No,not at all this is how BB, shows the height of the Hedge Row protecting the garden.  Home now. We are off to lashings of hot sweet tea,and perhaps even  a few sticky buns. BB