Tuesday, 2 June 2015

24 Pounder Cannon by Beano Boy

The first four of my 24 Pounder Cannon have arrived. All bought from wargames foundry !

Sold as an item for American War of Independence these can however have many uses, like that of those used in the French & Indian Wars.

They will look  Great when drilled out and constructed, and painted. There are other different American & French gun crews that I will use along with this set, hopefully more 24 Pounders will be bought too.
Below A Free Gift Included
Very nice and this figure will go into my 28mm Medieval Collection the Oxen might well end up  on a spit, and its head used as a Gargoyle  on some Strange and Mystifying scratch-built project.
Saving Money!
We all like to save money on projects,and one way is shown below.
I made my own Pattern up  and a Three Part  Mould and have been casting these up over the past week or so. Much easier then making them from scratch each time with pins and wire, or buying eight of them at £12. Over forty 28mm Gabions, are ready for use,which means money saved has off set the Price of these Heavy Guns that are not cheap to buy.

These are well fit for conversion too , like for instance naval guns on board ship. The detail of each part is crisp & sharp to ones eye,and I`ve added shade so it can be easily seen at this stage of opening the packages. However sorry I cannot show full rigged up guns because the wheels are having to be stuck on and not just slipped on, and in way of design in my opinion is a bad flaw from one of the Perry Brothers,but inspit of this they are a splendid adition to my growing Collection of Models.  Well I hope you like them.BB