Thursday, 18 June 2015

Old Catton SCARECROWS By Beano Boy

I`m a few days late posting these,but I did promise Mrs B,that I`d place them on my blog. So here they all are,and Mrs B,took all the pictures around  Old Catton.
Scarecrows outside the Church in Old Catton

                                             The little children had fun making theirs above

                                                       It poured with rain during that day.

                                                                Gardens in Old Catton

                                                       Garrick Green  Infant School

 Children from Garrick Green Infants School planted up the wheel barrow


                                                                Spot Wally!

                                                            Behind the Church

The one above is that of a Stalk, delivering a Very Special Royal Baby Wearing a Crown.

That's it folks.BB

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