Sunday, 7 June 2015

Oyumera Three Part Gabion Mould _____ by Beano Boy

 Over the past three weeks I`ve bussied myself in another area in the hobby, making moulds and then casting them up in Plaster of Paris! One of those projects was to make up a Pattern and then make a mould from it. I choose to make a complete 28mm Cabion so once removed from the mould,and after it had dried out Rock Hard,paint it. I am no great painter,but the first five can be seen above and I used my Photo-shoot idea to aid taking the tiny photo. Often is the case it is the simple things that can save time,and lots of money!

____________Below The Casting & the Mould that Produced It_______________

The first casting  produced from my three part mould.  It had to be in three parts because the top of the Pattern had been filled up with tiny stones,and they were stuck in place by piling them up onto a Thick Glob of PVA Glue!

The bottom,and two sides of the mould.
It was made using the Oyumera reusable moulding stuff! It is expensive, but used  with care and attention it can be used over and over again.  It is placed into hot water until it gets soft,and then simply used very quick to take impressions of whatever .

Once cooled down it goes hard,and does not stick to anything,including its self. Which means more hot stuff can be pressed onto the cool hard part and two ,or three part moulds can be made . Then pulled apart and the Pattern removed.

This is now an open topped mould,and I used Sallotape wound round the sides and over the top to keep it together while casting up.

Plaster of Paris was mixed and poured into the Mould. I always agitate the Plaster once it`s inside with a small brush simply stuck in and moved up and down to make sure no air bubbles are trapped that will spoil the work.The top was levelled of before the stuff went completely hard.

When hard enough to be removed  ( A Few Minutes! ) the Mould can be taken apart  and the casting set aside.In way of illustration only a 28mm metal cast figure has been placed in the shot.

I made 60 Large,60 medium and 30 Small Gabions from this mould. The mould was simply not filled up with the Plaster of Paris! So no need to make two extra ones. Eight metal cast Gabions are £12.00 to buy plus Postage ! That is a Massive Saving of £180.00 plus whatever the postage would have been.      Now I don`t mind buying the 24 Pounder Cannon along with the metal figures.

I always use Lego Bricks to quickly make up the moulding boxes, so no need to buy stuff to make them up. Which is more money saved. Master Masons  Still use Plaster of Paris today. So I saw no need to buy other expensive casting up material just to make my Gabions. A Bag of Plaster of Paris cost me £4.00  I used 130 Table Spoonfuls to complete my project. Cost to Make E`m All £2.00 that includes the Sallotape!                  Other Moulding Projects are in the Works!

All the Basket Gabions  have been painted and packed away until I need them,but before I did the wonder of clearing up tidy like I did place a few  with a few 28mm figures just by way of illustration purpose.

          The one near the middle is the Pattern I used to make the mould, and one could say now She is surrounded by her Baby`s!                                              BB


  1. We always need gabions, and these ones are really nice!

  2. Thank you Phil. Nice of you to visit my little Blog.The Oyumera reusable moulding stuff is so easy to use. I used two packs to make the gabion mould. BB