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Silicone Rubber Moulds for Casting Ancient Columns by Beano Boy

If like myself you get a buzz out of making your own stuff,or you just like to see whats going  on with projects on my blog,then just follow along,as if upon the yellow brick road. This will be very pleasing for Little Old Me,and hopefully interesting for each of you
  Looking on Line at plaster columns for Dolls Houses,I found them to be very costly indeed. So after pondering upon the subject matter with the few little grey cells I have, I thought why not make some myself using very cheap plastic type columns used for Wedding Cakes!
The figures are 28mm to give one an idea of the scale.
Of course smaller scale figures can be used too,because the real things out there bleaching in the sun are Masive! Yes Indeed.
However  how on earth does one Make E`m?
With a Silicone Rubber Mould, cast up with Plaster of Paris a mixture used by Master Masons throughout the ages, and is still being used today. So no need to buy expensive resin products.
A Great Big Bag of Plaster of Paris  £22.99   Free Postage. One can cast hundreds if that was the plan to do so,or if only a few are required a small bag costs around £4.00.
I decided to make open ended moulds by placing each end of the Pattern to the edge of the Lego Box.This will make casting up very easy indeed.

 The old Lego set will serve me well in making the box needed in order to make the two part moulds. Simple and efficient  and above all re-useable time and time again.

Stuff Needed to Make The Rubber

100% Silicone.   The stuff above being black,but any colour will do the job. I much prefer the Clear Silicone,but on the day of buying I went for the cheapest price,with Free Postage.

                             Who needs to make cake when one has this project on the go.

This powder and the cornflour makes for a very smooth mix

 My Mixture for making the Rubber, A one to one mix of Silicone with that of Combined Corn Flower & Powder.

Now the Silicone smells strongly of vinegar so my door & windows were opened up wide.

The Lego Boxes were filled with the Silicone Rubber,and the Patterns were simply pushed into it to their half way point,then the stuff was trimmed off all around the Pattern with a knife. I use an old butter knife for this job.  Using this way of forming the first half of the mould,there is no need to make a clay odd-side, to set your Pattern in. So a great deal of unnecessary work has been simply avoided,that is shown on You Tube.

Using the top of an acrylic paint bottle  holes were sunk into the rubber. When the top half was made later the holes formed solid quide pins,that made sure the two half`s of the mould would always go neatly together every time it is used. Be it a few or a hundred or whatever the little homemade mould will always produce look alike castings.  Before the top part was moulded baby oil was brushed onto the rubber, and this is done after the  mix has cured solid, which is usually an hour after finishing the bottom half,but I like to leave it for two. Or overnight is fine.


The Lego Bricks came into play again and the other half was soon  built up and more baby oil was brushed onto the inside wall of bricks and also onto the rubber surrounding the Pattern again. This parting oil will separate each half of the mould making sure it does not stick to the bottom.So a nice clean lift off was made sure of later.
 I found the Patterns did not need to be oiled at all.  Soon it was filled in with the same type mix and it pressed down firmly using the wonderful tools we have_______fingers and thumbs.

 As planed these moulds came apart  very easily  after all the Lego had been removed.

The Patterns were removed and these flexible moulds were then left to soak in hot soapy water to remove the slippery oil.

Here the moulds were held together with Sellotape, Sticky Tape! So these were made ready for casting up with the Plaster of Paris.

15 minutes after the pour two very neat looking ancient  columns brand new and fresh from my new homemade moulds. 
Including everything listed in this project, it cost £5.00 to make each Silicone Rubber Mould.
The work is of course,on course and still ongoing at this present time,and so lots still to do.
I have been able to make six Column Moulds using the different Patterns,and I have another two to make.  I thought guys into Fantasy Builds would like to see how one can cheaply create their own kind of unique stuff.
                                 One of the Patterns I had to construct myself. It was the closest that I could get to the one in the picture above. Below this was how it was done. 

A wooden dowel was cut to required length  and insirted into each metal piece.

Then the base and the capital had to be in lined with each other and the Pattern checked for square making sure of a good upright column.

Above shown as an illustration,it shows the angle the Pattern would be pushed into the bottom half of the rubber mould. This angle makes it possible to get a nice clean lift off on all the finer detail work on the metal castings.

I wanted to create a good effect to the piece,and after pondering upon it for a few days I finally decided to use something  most of us have in our homes, Spaghetti.
" You might well have realised by this time BB is quite a Dreamer."

                         "I guess as one travels along the highways of life,it does pay to be one."

                                       The first piece was measured, cut, and stuck on.

I made a gap between each piece stuck on by allowing the glue to dry, and then a dry spacer piece was placed beside it,and then the next piece was glued on. So I  slowly worked my  way around the wooden dowel rod one tiny piece at a time, and the pattern worked out spot on.

As ancient shadows fall


An old idea of ancient things is slowly taking shape.  BB


  1. Creative and beautiful job!

  2. Thank you Phil,I appreciate your comment very much.
    The outlay cost on this project is somewhat Over Shadowed by the fact that the Shadows actually came in Free! Something for nothing is Great! BB

  3. i know how to now ......thank you....

    1. Very late in coming but you are most welcome John. I hope you will post some stuff soon on You Tube. BB