Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Stone Grotesques & Update by Beano Boy

Hi Guys, I`ve been going around the world by way of my one good  finger that is , looking at  Gargoyles and Grotesques with the view of getting inspiration  for another scratch building project. These things were fixed  to Gothic Flying Buttresses and  sometimes Aqueducts were cut into them to divert water over the aisle walls.  
I tend to favour things like the Pussy above. Well being Beano Boy I am just a Big Softy at heart,and like the Cat eating the Fish,i am always out to have a full flavour of fun.

Most were well placed by free men of old, and have always looked down upon us it seems.

     This fellow reminds me of someone who`s into war gaming,
      Don`t throw a one! comes to mind.

Well I`ll be looking around a while at Fantasy Stuff trying to get cheap ,
but good stuff I can convert for this project that  I sincerely hope will get off the ground like those grey stone Grotesques high above.

           While building parts for my medieval bridge, I cast a few heads up for a mock up wall.
The Grotesques were modeled using a Lego Monkey as the Pattern.

This picture shows how the Monkeys head was used to make half the mould.

This was a two part mould that had been cast up,and one half had been removed and the simple Plaster of  Paris casting was revealed. Several heads were made and painted white,with a colour wash applied after the paint had dried.

The round plaques were made by using a rubber stamp bought cheap from China,on E Bay as a pattern.

Well the camera seems to like these little stone faces.
Come to think on it so does my dotted i.   BB


  1. Hi,You`re the Man Ray. However you`re not grotesque,and my hint was made by way of friendly banter. Keep a rattling those dice, but don`t throw the 1. BB