Thursday, 11 June 2015

Thank You Norwich City Council You Have Just Killed All My Fish By Beano Boy

Two days ago the Council worker sprayed poison in the Court Yard where Mrs B,and I  live. 
On seeing him on his Weed Eradication Patrol on a Quad Bike spraying the stuff all over the place ,Mrs B,told him.You`ll kill all our fish again.  Yip! They did it before.
Spraying up my Fence the idiot has just Killed off my Kio and  Gold Fish which we have had 16 Years. P`d Off is not a strong enough description on just how I feel at this present time.
Mrs B is removing the rest of the dead fish now as I type this. So Thank You Norwich City Council for killing my Fish.

A Pause For Thought

There are little children who sit lay and play where this stuff has been sprayed ! True it dries ,but it is still there.Long Term Concern O Yes! BB

I`ve cooled down somewhat since I posted the item above,and Mrs B and I have  replaced a third of the water in the large pond. A few smaller fish have  beat the odds and are going about their business doing what tiny gold fish do.

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