Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Vintage Jean Hoeffler Plastic Toy Figures by Beano Boy

I bought a Job Lot recently ,and I don`t know what state these used figures produced by Jean Hoeffler from the 1970`s are in. When they arrive, Good or Otherwise I will know then. Although I do collect vintage toy figures, I must admit that I have never really considered collecting this make of toy figures before, but curiosity concerning them has grown over a short period of time. So in for a Penny in for a Pound, as the old saying goes, and I bought over 40 in this Lot, and another 50 in several smaller lots. In the picture on E Bay they looked quite ugly, but hopefully I can record the colour of each one worth the saving. Then clean them completely and show them before and after painting. This is no way shape or form restoration, because these figures were painted ship shod and as already stated before quite ugly! Or were these figures sold as toy figures requiring painting?

Many have voiced comment elsewhere that seeing these toys again from their childhood has brought back found memories of those days of play. Which is rather nice.

Those crawling on the ground are rather sneaky.

The horses are rather thin,and finding a good angle to photograph  them is rather differcult to say the least.

Quite a challenge getting a good angle as you can see.

Soon those above will look like those below that have already been cleaned by soaking them in neat thick bleach for two or three weeks. Forgive my crudeness,the stuff finally falls away like snot,and a good rinse in just water will separate the Gue. I strain this stuff off onto kitchen paper then place it in the bin.Then the figures are given a good soak in hot soapy water which will finish the job making them look like new.

The complete Collection of my Jean Hoeffler Cowboys & Indians They need paint removal then painting . I will not use the term repainting because one can see that never ever had been the case in the first place. These were very cheap to buy ,but they are good tuff reliable toy figures in good condition for their age,and when cleaned and finished off to my standard of traditional toy soldier painting,will I`m sure  look good in an old  toy shop style display behind glass.  

                              I can now include this figure which belongs in this set of figures.

POST PERIOD WWII  MARK Jean Hoeffler figures:Buffalo standing as a symbol of robustness resilience and durability. Plus Made in West Germany.As seen below in 1959 replaced by the Globe and West Germany.


As can be seen this was replaced In 1972 with just the W.Germany  mark .

                         Figures without a base had W.Germany in raised letters on them.

        There are many copies of these figures that have the mark `made in Hon Kong`. However the copies are just as robust as those made in W Germany.There are some actually shown on my table. I have only just become aware of the history of this Company`s Mark . So inspite of this my description of  this topic remains the same.It seems the Brighter Coloured figures seen perhaps on E Bay lots are original Jean Hoffler Figures and so I felt a mention of this was worthwhile information for toy collectors.

Here are the figures in both sets. Sorry the horses are not included,but the original J H poses have W.Germany on the underside of the base as seen below.

No offence is ment by referring to  the title placed upon  these Toy Figures of the 1950`s, 1960`,s or 1970`s.  

____________________  Have Fun Guys.      BB