Thursday, 23 July 2015

Mrs B`s Dragon Hunt by Beano Boy

It was a time of great excitement, a magical time even. A time of Dragons. Norwich had been chosen to be invaded for the summer that is by those fire breathing things. Just how this was decided upon is mainly down to those who run the place, the City Council. One can only imagine what went on behind closed doors as these people busied themselves upon the subject of another City hunt, but what for this time? Last year it was the Gorilla: Giant Apes, and the year before Elephants that sat upon the pavements of Norwich, and each one was painted in fine colour`s that even magical rainbows never it seemed had.  Anyway through the bustle of a few meetings, and tea, coffee and no doubt biscuits was finally decided upon that the Great City Tourist Hunt, would involve Great Big multi-coloured Dragons, and in fact for a first time of change ,lots of smaller ones too. So the organization of producing such things that produce fine looking friendly Dragons was put into place. The money allotted from funds  no doubt came from an old type turn key box hidden perhaps out of sight within an ancient flint wall, but where is anybody`s guess because this fine City of Norwich has flint buildings and walls a plenty that skirt the streets in grey display. All that I can be certain upon is that box must exist, because the exact total cost was first set upon minds to ponder upon, and each nodding head all eventually agreed to open up that well hidden box. Whole heartedly ,Three Cheers, and Let`s Git it Done!


Perhaps another story might have unfolded here , like Dragons Yawning, and Stretching out their finely coloured wings in open display. Yes, why not, such a tale as this? Dragon tails that with the yawning and stretching out had uncurled. After a delicious meal of whatever Dragons like to eat,the Flight path was decided upon, and for Norwich to be the final destination of a long flight that only Dragons of any shape and size could ever possibly make. Well that is how the Dragons thought upon that subject.  However all had slept for over 800 years, and now not knowing what would happen, the flight one and all took to the sky. Very soon this Air Armada of 84 Large and 120  baby ones all  friendly Dragons was picked up by Satellite ,and Early Warning Ground and Air Based Systems all around  Europe. Fighter Wings were Scrambled and took to the bright blue sky.
Within a few minutes missiles were locked onto painted targets, but then thankfully the Abort Signal was received. Package of Friendly`s heading in for Norwich flying in from the East to the West. Repeat  Package of Friendly`s heading in for Norwich.Let them pass. Lock on targeting systems were now flipped to off. A Big Sigh of Relief Resounded. Soon after the question was put ,What Twit forgot to inform the M O D?
                                                          The Hunt Begins

It was a fine day,and one in which Mrs B, was determined to set her self upon an intrepid Dragon Hunt,it being the case quite a few of these colourful things had been placed upon the streets of Norwich. Smaller ones had been well placed in shop windows. All had been given a title and number, and the aim was to encourage both locals in the city and visitors too,to go A  Dragon Hunting, and as they did so tick the number of each Dragon found on a special city map supplied by the City Council.
Norwich Schools took part painting the Baby Dragons, and local firms and businesses in and  around the City Sponsored the work undertaken as the larger ones were painted.

So enjoy the photo`s of this one off event. for they the Dragons will never return. Well not in our lifetime.  BB

                                                        No 22 SPRITE SNAP
                                                      Saint Agustine`s Church

                                                                   No 28 FUN SQUARE
                                                                        Anglia Square


                                                        No 27  SPIDY
                                          Hollywood Cinema   Anglia Square


Yes the numbers are set out Higgledy - Piggledy all over Norwich. The Baby ones for shop window display,have  numbers on paper cards far to small to relate the number here.





No 29  DRACO 
 Fye Bridge


                                                       No  30 GOGOHORATIO
                                                         Quay Side  Fye Bridge

                                                           Reflection of intrepid Mrs B

                                                               No 55 CYRIL
                                                            St Andrews Hall

                                                                               No 21 NOD
                                                                         St Georges Green

                                                       No 20 WELLINTON
                                                           St Georges Street


                                                           No 19 GLORIA
                                                St Georges Church Colegate

                                                                     No 16  GOGOSTEGGLES
                                                                           Charing Cross 


                                                               No 9  SABRA


                                                  No 15   GOGOMADDER
                                                   Maddermarket Theatre
                      Lots of special art work on this Dragon so more pictures.

                                                        No 17 ARGON
                                                St Johns Maddermarket

                              No 5 GORGEOUS GEORGE THE BEAST OF BEESTON
                                                                   Goal Hill


                                           It don`t matter were you go,You will always get one.

                                                         No 54 SHERLOCK
                                                           London Street

                                                     No 57 DRAGONS HOARD
                                                                London Street


                                                       No 66 SKIPPER 
                                                          Royal Arcade


                                                               No 4 ASCALON
                                                                Guild Hall


                                                                  No 3 SUNBEAM          
                                                                St Giles on the Green

                                                             No 10 FLAMBEAU
                                                                Upper St Giles

                                                   No 14 THE  QUEEN OF NORWICH
                                                             Little Bethel Street

                                                            No 2 MCFLY
                                                               City Hall

                                     No 1 THE RISE AND DEMISE OF THE DINOSAURS
                                                             Millennium  Plain


                                                            No 83 MR WING
                                                             Millennium Plain

The Forum

                                                              No 84 LUDA
                                                                 The Forum



                                                              No 81 TUPPENCE

                                          GUARDIAN OF THE BABBIES IN THE FORUM

Millennium  Plain

                                                      No 69 GOGOCAPTAIN  USA
                                                                      Hay Hill

                                                               No 67  EYE SPY CECIL

                                                                   No 68 MORGAN
                                                                        Hay Hill

Sorry there were a few doubles shown, Mrs B shot hundreds of photo`s.
   This is the end of Day One of Mrs B`s intrepid Dragon Hunt.
 I will show more Dragons later. Mrs B did find them all days. BB


  1. Beautiful Dragons ! and Mrs B found them all ? wow !

  2. That's correct Sam Wise, very nice of you to comment.Makes it rather worthwhile with me spending time sorting out hundreds of photo`s.I posted a mention of her Dragon Expedition on Benno`s figure Forum.
    Mrs B, is fast becoming a Legend with her Epic Walking with Bella & Keats our two little dogs, that's for certain. BB