Sunday, 30 August 2015

AIRFIX Space Warriors Presented by Beano Boy

This is a Rare Set,First Edition of One issue of AIRFIX Space Series 1/32 Scale.
Only produced for a few weeks prior to AIRFIX going into Receivership in 1981

These were until recently lost in my large Figure Collection,and so once found I was at long last able to show them here,and on Benno`s Figure Forum today. Sometimes one can look hard for ages and not find the stuff searched for,only to find it later when not looking for it. Today I opened a draw and there it was. I hope you like them. BB


  1. very nice figures ! I supposed that they are not 1/72 ...

  2. Hi Pascal, They are 1/32 scale,and if plastic can be viewed as being gold,then these certainly can. Nice of you to visit. They have been posted also on BB`s Toy Figures ,on Benno`s Figure Forum. A Great Little place to visit. BB