Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Casting Up Rammesses II By Beano Boy

Taking time out from other modelling projects during the long summer holiday, and wanting to do something way out of my comfort zone I thought I`d have a stab in the dark to create what I would simply term as, abstract art based upon that which was left behind by that Egyptian of old, RAMMESSES II

Above is my highly organized casting up table of complete and utter chaos. If there be such a chaos theory that it can be organized  instead of the normal understanding of the word then it would indeed apply here due to my simple head of reasoning. 

Above the thrones have been cast up and so the statues have taken their rightful place upon them. Lego Brick forms have methodically been used to create the shape needed,and once Sellotape  had been stuck on the inside of such forms,then they were each in turn cast up with Plaster of Paris. A wonderful thing Master Masons still use today. There are no predictions of what the finished results will be,but most certainly heavy shadows will play their part. For now each step brings closer more of an understandable shape in view.   Lots of the more finer work of shaping,scribing,rubbing down, and that of buffing up will take place after the slooping rockface and entrance have been made. That can take place after the complete drying off period has taken place.

  There is another statue ongoing and both based upon those in the photo. Tidying up work will be done later.


The Work Moves Forward
All are seated on their thrones,and I will deside at later date,if I will demolish the second statue on the left as it is shown in the photo. 
Below shows the side angles of the chiseled rock face. It might be seem rather an acute angle.

However when the statues are brought forward in order that the front rockface can be slid into place,and the statues also being raised up on a stone platform with steps added leading to the entrance this angle will not look so acute in shape.  

The little fellow is 1/72 scale , and 15mm figures would suit the scene better,but I have none.

A  sheet of card has been placed like so to give a better view to the ones eye. 

More of a finishing work will take place on the statues after all the other pieces have been cast up and are drying out.
Made with the aid of Playmobil & Lego Brick Toy`s.

                                                     Another Piece of this Puzzel is Made

The Back which is the Front of this Dark Place has been cast up with Plaster of Paris. Made possible by using Lego Bricks the box shape was made,and the Entrance  was formed by the same method. Sealed with Sellotape  it was then cast up.

It took two Jug Fulls of Plaster to reach the required level.  Water and 15 Heaped Table Spoonfuls to each Jug

                                 This thing is getting bigger by the day,but is costing Pea Nuts!

The little Form flips out easy-like revealing the Center Entrance. Some slight trimming around the edges to do later. When it`s turned over it should reveal a perfectly straight  front to this place,because it was cast-up on  a sheet of toughened glass.

                                           Below the Platform has been Cast Up

                                                          Still in the Lego Bricks

                              All four are placed upon the raised Platform  temporary in way of illustration.

There will be four steps cast up that will be placed in the center position leading up to the platform.Although it is a larger rubber mould then needed,the steps can simple be cut to size.  Saving having to make a new one.

Still looking rather ruff,but after rubbing down has been done,the angle of the back of the thrones will be more defined by cutting away more rock chipping`s, ( i ) ,and this will allow for the slopping front to be fixed in place and any gapes around the thrones filled in with plaster. Later each side piece of rock face already seen and reviewed can be shaped where necessary and  stuck into place  using Plaster of Paris. As always i do not do perfect,but in a clumsy fun filled abstract way ,i hope to create the likeness that can be easily recognized. 

The Steps Are Cast Up

Made with the aid of a Playmobil & Lego Brick,Toy`s. Messy work,and dusty too,but great fun. BB


  1. I had the chance to visit Egypt some years ago, and every article on the subject is fascinating ...excellent post Paul!

  2. Thank you Phil.
    This is just my way of creating an abstract picture from a flat casting taken from a Toy in my Collection,and creating a crude 3 D image that most can recognize. The rock face is the next thing to cast up,and eventualy every thing will slot into place. This is no ornament, but a great big something to play around with using shadows and light which are free,and just a few model and toy figures. BB