Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Egyptian Sphinx Mould by Beano Boy

After being refused ordering more than 10 Items on E Bay I decided to make more of my own stuff needed for a project on Benno`s Figure Forum,and now here. I am Beano Boy there,and have been for well over two years. Lots of my stuff on Tutorials there for those interested in modelling projects. I buy from all around the Globe, Rare Books,Toys,Model Figures, and other stuff too related to this hobby, and I do not see over 10 items as being a Large Order. So not wanting my business and my £180 order, I carry on best as I can with the project.
Bellow the crude,but very effective two part Oyumaru mould ,and the casting it has produced. Needs a little bit of trimming, but I am well pleased with the result.The Sphinx is the first of many needed.

The  mould needed bedding into dry sand in order to hold it level and also support the flimsy sides.
It was soon cast up with Plaster of Paris, which is a certain something Master Mason still use  in their Craft!

As the first evening shadow falls upon my Fantasy & Sci - Fi Table, a mere glimmer of light made it possible  to take one last shot with the camera. Have Fun Guys. 

To round off this posting I thought to add this photo ,which I took after I`d bought 10 Items from the Seller on E Bay. Needless to say really I made mention of this fact on my Feedback.  I have never known a like,like this before.   
Fred and MayBell inspecting the work.
These castings will do for my needs. The mould lines trimmed off,and the first waterproof primer a homemade colour wash has been applied. BB

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