Tuesday, 1 September 2015

BB`s Toy Figures 2 Presented by Beano Boy

After Pondering upon it,i decided to write this journal down as indeed i first wrote it along with the accompanying photo`s too. This is part of a greater work i started on 01 Aug 2014, with the first posting onto Benno`s Figure Forum. Great meaning Large,no Great.
More Toys 
                                                                   Creasent 60mm Indians

                                                                     Timpo Indians

Steve Westons Mexican Bandits.

                                               Armies in Plastic Woodland Indians

                                                                          Sets 1 & 2

                                                                   Timpo Indians

Two vintage toy figures above from the 1950`s early 1960`s. He is in fact an early Lone Ranger. I bet these will bring back memories with many of childhood days. These tiny things are very hard to find these days .

                                                                   Timpo Cowboys
These are my Blackfoot Indians and they are happy to be upon the water now,after spending years and years waiting for me to make the river. 

The other Indian has either fallen into the river or he`s off to shoot arrows at General Longbottom Beano.
                                                              Above a very old picture.
Playmobil Cavalry & Indians
I collect many a type of toy,and these were brought out when the Grand Children came to play.

                                                      Very tuff toys are these.

That's Mrs B`s, Shopping on the table. Yes, well I have to let her spend some money,now and again.
Brilliant I got to play too.
Besides those figures below there are lots more in my collection that will follow later. Enjoy!
                            A Call To Arms                                 All are 1/32 Scale

I found them in my stash! I had forgotten I had several boxes of these. Two sets in differing colours.

                                           The Gunners are still sleeping in the boxes
As duty calls,and drums sound along the Mohawk Valley I suppose I ought to wake them up.
 I hope you have enjoyed your visit.


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