Wednesday, 2 September 2015

BB`s Toy Figures 3 Presented by Beano Boy

After Pondering upon it ,i decided to write this journal down as indeed i first wrote it  along with the accompanying photo`s too. This is part of a greater work that i started on 01 Aug 2014, with the first posting onto Benno`s Figure Forum. Greater meaning Large, not Great.
More Toys 
I suppose many will recognise these Playmobil Toys. I call this picture of mine,
" The Last of the Gristle Pickers."

                                     "I`mmm,Just a little bit left in the eye socket. Yip! Got It.Very, Tasty."

I call him,Fish Eyes Lowes Tofty,and I painted him.Please don`t look at him to long. He`s is quite hypnotic! Why the name? Well Lowestoft is where the Birds Eye Fish Factory is and he has fish type eyes. So that's how I decided to name him.This vintage toy figure is from the 1950`s,1960`s, and has a raised plastic point to each eye. So it cannot be painted in any other way.


I bought these years ago,but only took them out of the plastic bag today.  ( 20 Oct 2014 ) Mrs B,tidy`s up behind me,and I forget things. Searching today for other toy stuff I found them stuffed into one of my plastic storage boxes.

                           Those above, Maker not confirmed. Perhaps Cherilea?
Below all Herald Toy Figures. Played with condition,but can be easily restored by repainting them. This actually can make them look far better than when they left the factory, way back in 1960.

                                        Below all are Herald range of Highlanders 1960`s

Sorry for fuzzy pictures.These are from old PC files.


Those now coming up,I don`t have a clue what make these are,but I believe them to be from the 1950`s.                They are not Timpo. ( These were identified later on, in this Journal  as being Cherilea, originals 1950`s BB)

Being no expert upon such matters as toy figures, all I really know well is that I like them. These old toys are often seen by many, as rubbish, but to me they are real treasure. One gets to touch part of toy history ,and realise that youngsters once played with them.
( My True Blue Eccentricity!)
Here are some of my AIRFIX, Archers that I have collected over the years. You can never ever have to many archers. Well that's my view. I also have more in boxes,some are Airfix,Accurate and Revell in all three size scales, 1/32,1/35 and hundreds in 20mm scale.
 Those above were bought  second hand,and those that had been painted I stripped the paint off by soaking them in neat thick bleach for 3or 4 weeks. After which  the paint just fell away when rinsing them in water.
Warning! Never Mix Bleach & Soap! It Gives off Toxic Gas!
Coming Soon in part 4 Lots of Cowboys & Indians

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