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BB`s Toy Figures 4 Presented by Beano Boy

After Pondering upon it,i decided to write this journal down as indeed i first wrote it along with the accompanying photo`s too. This is part of a greater work that i stated on 01 Aug 2014,with the first posting onto Benno`s Figure Forum. Greater meaning Large. Not Great.
More Toys
The Carousal Kid

                            (  Above Remembering the Old Days of Black & White Movies. )
American Toys
The Carousel  Kid


Although Tatty looking this Old 55mm 1960`s Charbens figure is very rare, and complete. Usually the sword and the horses tail is missing. I like both the ruff with the smooth with collecting toys, and this one is Farm Fresh,Well it spent 35 odd years in an old cardboard box in a grimy garage.

The point now is this,because  something is rare it does not imply it is worth lots of Dosh!
Money OK?

                                                            Both Britains Toys

I imported two boxes of toys from Cal ,USA about five years ago.Very expensive with heavy shipping costs involved, but unobtainable to buy elsewhere. The Stagecoach is not part of my collection of toys, but belongs elsewhere.

( Update, I`m happy that I now own the Britains Stagecoach complete and in Mint Condition.It will be shown later in one of these postings. I no longer buy from USA, because of shipping cost being far to high. )
                                           The Vultures are circling waiting for a feed.

Mrs B, held the glass up while I took aim to take the shot,and asked because it was getting heavy,
" Come on , Please take the  picture."

                                  With one horse down,they might well get quite a good feed.
The Timpo Guards Band
You can still buy these quite cheaply, and brand new re-released figures. These have been a best seller for Donkeys Years. Easy to paint as long as you have a big brush like me.

Lets take a look at just a few  Britains Cowboy & Indian toy figures from my collection. All are in played with condition but without teeth marks. I expect like all toys from the past these might bring back memories from back in the day.

This one is one of my favourates and the Sheriff,is tied up you could say,but for now no ropes bound him around the arms. Well these Pesky Indians have discovered blu tac! 
Now to get the bigger picture of what dire trouble this Britains toy is actually in. Rifle shots are heard,and the Indian brave with the rifle is a bit concerned. However the Chiefs are telling him,
" Don`t worry Duck Who Fly`s To The West,We have a plan.This White Eye who`s baby this is,is not going to be rescued."_______ "But the gun fire sounds like there could be lots of those Pale Faces coming." ______" Don`t worry so.We have a rather sneaky cunning old Indian trick and a plan is being played out."   The Chief replied. 
It seem`s the Cowboys with plenty of ammo are holding their own against the Indian ambush,and perhaps the Sheriff might well get rescued after all.

Looking at the bigger picture perhaps not. The answer is in next weeks Beano,so I will let you decide what happens next.

Maybe this picture might help you decide. Perhaps the crawling Indian warriors might well be lassoed by these two guys, and tied up rodeo style. Then the Sheriff  will be saved from being melted down in the fire that the Chiefs have planned for him.
Now I must go find the Tepee`s that go with this Set.
Two awfull Timpo Swoppets! One hashis hat completely over his eyes,and the other seems to have had a  siff drink and his hat is in Lift of Mood!    These came in as part of a Job Lot. I don`t usually buy them.


                                           Both are Britains Toy Cowboys

                             Opps! A Daisy. This one from the American Set.

These two above are remnants,and are all that are left of a Britains Stagecoach Set.They are the Driver with whip missing, and the Guard and yes of course they missing the Stagecoach too.
Please Look Out For Part 5 

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