Friday, 4 September 2015

BB`s Toy Figures 5 Presented by Beano Boy

After Pondering upon it,i decided to write this journal down as indeed i first wrote it along with the accompanying photo`s too.This is part of a greater work i started on the 01 Aug 2014,with the first posting on Benno`s Figure Forum.  Great meaning Large. Not Great.

                                                               More Toys
The Blue & the Gray 

                               All period pieces produced by Timpo 1960`s.  Sorry no Flags
It appears that General G G Meade has thrown in his infantry reserves, to out flank these Southern boys. The Rebs under General A P Hill are now outnumbered Four to One.
In my opinion the only way this old toy set looks good is on mass display,and the striking thing is all the Union troops have beards. The Southern boys are all clean shaven. 

The cannon are produced by A Call to Arms and are perfect toys for this time period. 
I cleaned the paint off  that had been shovelled onto them,and now they are ready to be re-painted. Each and everyone of these toy soldiers bear the Timpo Mark on top of their bases which reads in raised letter Made in England. I will leave it on because it defines the time period when these first shot off the production line and into the toy shops. 

I remember this picture which was on the back page of the Marval Comics my Brother Ron would often buy in the early 1960`s,and like many a child I used to draw these very same pictures over and over again,and yes I had a bright dream of one day collecting toy soldiers and Wild West Style Figures. Money was tight in those far off days and there was certainly no money left over for toys,but imagination is free,all that is needed is one uses it.

                                                I Guess Dreams Can Come True

                                            Atlantic 60mm Scale Roman Figures

I have a few more in 1/32 scale too. 
Wild West Type Figures 
in used condition but not chewed 

          A friend on Benno`s  Figures Forum, described this figure like so. " What a lovely Shaman."
He is the one figure from the Fort Cheyenne series of figures. Some of which are shown below.
All These will clean up,and eventually will be repainted

I record the main colours before stripping the paint off.The camera is the perfect tool for this part of restoration.  

All in Farm Fresh Condition


 All the figures are marked correctly  with  made in Hong Kong  either on the front of the base or on the figure which proves them to be from this famous range of toys made by IDEAL in 1970.  Sorry I haven`t got the Box that converted into the Fort. Perhaps though one day!

So I have all the standing Indians,including the Chief and the brave with the rifle who can be seen below. They were both bought in another Job Lot.

                                      The yellow ones for riding horses had a swivel  body.
                                                                     The Marx Set

            MARX also did some copies within this set,but their bases were a different shape

As  can be seen above the Red Indians cleaned up  really well. A little bit play worn,but a very fine set from the Fort Cheyenne range of figures.

                                                       The Collecting is still Ongoing

                                          If you have interest please look out for Part 6


  1. Some classic figures there!


  2. Sorry for late reply! Prufrock,I collect lots of stuff,some old some not so old,but callic period stuff is tops on my list. That is without chewing marks on them. Thanks for commenting. BB