Friday, 4 September 2015

BB`s Toy Figures 6 Presented by Beano Boy

After Pondering upon it,i decided to write this journal down as indeed i first wrote it along with the accompanying photo`s too. This is part of a greater work i started on 01 Aug 2014,with the first posting onto Benno`s Figure Forum. Great meaning Large,not Great.
More Toys

Timpo Knights Campain Tents.There were two to each Set. The 54mm Crusader is by REAMSA.

                                                                    Mexican Bandits

Wow! Bandits perhaps robbing a bank in the USA,in order to finance the Revolution to kick the French out of Mexico for good.
These are 60mm scale Mexican Bandits from 1960 produced by Crescent. I buy them when I can to add to the Collection. There were six to a Set,and yes I do have quite a few.Those below have been cleaned and look brand new,but it is getting harder to find them in this condition.

Looking at them as an adult I think the hats would have looked much better if they had been tilted upwards and sloping slightly to the back of the head,but they are what they are ,Toys. I hope you like them.


                                                               Crescent Toy Figures

Above and below American dismounted cavalry  1958- 1964 This is when I used to buy them.

They are all 60mm toy figures that having been cleaned and are well fit for painting. 
The Scots Highlander Pipers are Cherilea originals late 1950`s.


                                                          The Search Carry`s On

Very Good News,I managed to buy some Charben, Scots Highlander Pipers and other Bandsmen from the early 1950`s,and I was rather Chuffed with myself.

The Bad News ,is they all had Plastic Fatigue! Yes indeed and they all fell to pieces because the plastic was so brittle I could not even wash them in water, the force of the water from the tap was enough to make them into a massed band of broken bodies, legs and arms. Never being one to give up this will not deter me from collecting vintage plastic toy figures.____ Appart from AIRFIX toy figures that fell likewise to pieces these Charben figures were the worst that I have ever seen in my entire life of collecting.

                                                Looking On The Bright Side

These do have the Wow Factor where I am concerned. In this pose they are very,very ultra rare hollow 54mm cast metal Cherilea  Scots Highlander Guards 1950`s.                ( Lead )

               ( These were later restored by little old Beano Boy________That`s Me )


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