Thursday, 17 September 2015

BB`s Toy Figures 7 Presented by Beano Boy


After Pondering upon it,i decided to write this journal down,as indeed i first wrote it  with the accompanying photo`s and posted it on Benno`s Figure Forum on the 01 Aug 2014. This is part of a greater work  by myself. Great meaning Large,not Great!


                                                                 More Toys

???????? I will check these three out later


Three plastic re-released  65mm Cherilea Saxon toy figures, and as such should not be classed in anyway shape or form with that of correct model figures from the iron age. I must add these are not rip off figures made by Recasters.  These were made under Licence ,and are from the original moulds used from way back in the day.


            Sometimes I do get a little time to paint some up.These painted up easy, and I strung the bow with very thin wire.

  Unlike those already seen above,those below are classic toy figures from 1960.A gift from an E bay contact, a nice pleasant fellow collector.

There`s never a David when you need one. The two smaller Romans are from the Asterix Range of Bubble Gum figures. The larges middle  figure is my favourite Cherilea toy figure. Concerning the Asterix figures I will be placing the entire plastic set on this spot of mine real soon.


Cherilea 60mm Knights

I`ve been waiting for a chance to buy a set of these Knights for years, and I failed, but sometimes failing is not a big deal,because I was able to buy three sets instead. These are the first toy figures from 1990 that I`ve ever bought. 


Some of the Timpo 1960`s Cowboys,I used these along with others in Timpo Lawman.Made in England on the bases in raised letters.

Timpo Hopalong Casidy 1950`s

Not a full set because his sidekick is missing. There is a hatless Hopalong on foot too.

                              Timpo Clowns. Hollowcast Lead Toy Figures.

Those above I don`t own,but the picture is free,unlike the combined price of  £896 that they wanted for them

More Clowns but in affordable Plastic this time

This Empty Box Sold for £26.00 on E bay! No I didn`t buy it.

Looking above I guess there are times when new toys cause trouble on my magic table,and this seems to be the case with the new clowns and they are not  even painted yet. I must say the high discipline of the part painted Romans comes from the long practice of training to obey strict regulations rather than applying a firm hand,or in this case a boot up the backside for these down right trouble makers. Or to put it more simply, it could be down to the blu tac spot welding them to the tins.

54mm Cherilea

                                               The Dairy Farmer & the Milkmaid

                                                        20 mm Mutleys

 Milkmaid and in this case The Farmers Wife,but really she is Mary Mary Quite  Contrary ( lyric )

                                                                 A few Porkers too

Dairy me he`s a Pig Farmer too.
A nice group,but I must supply a Daisy!


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