Thursday, 17 September 2015

BB`s Toy Figures 8 Presented by Beano Boy

This Posting brings the Work up to Date. It has been a hard slog ( Work ) putting all this together. 


More Toy Figures

AIRFIX never produced these top quality sculptured figures in 1/72 which is more the  pity because those things they produced made of rubber were absolutely awful.  


                                                                  Another Tattoo

The Missing space represents fallen Comrades

Tons of these Timpo figures can be found on Line,and this set has been a best seller for  ages.

The Magnificent  7 

       Those guys certainly had presence upon the large screen,but only one is left alive now.

Below,Re-released Para Mount Toy Soldiers. These Cowboys are 40mm figures,and I bought six to see what they looked like up close. Well although the pose with figure and horse are all one casting. I Like Them. So I bought the entire stock available today. The number being twenty more. Cowboys & Horses come in all colours and I plan a special mass collection of these with other period stuff which in part hopefully  I will show here on this open ended topic.   (  This Blog )

These are good solid horses. The flat ares can be painted in as shade making the actual figure stand out more to the cameras eye. It will be fun painting these. These figures were re-cast under Licence in  the UK using the original mould from way back in the day. So I am quite a happy BB.

Below one of the most famous box of figures AIRFIX ever produced. The toy figures are really great, with well thought out poses,and top quality work went into making these. However this is the first edition, of one issue only and it  was only ever produced for a few weeks prior to AIRFIX going into receivership in 1981.Humbrol now owns AIRFIX.

                                 The figures can be viewed in my other topic.

This is what they normally look like after 50 years or so. I never buy intentionally figures in this state, but sometimes they arrive in a job lot in this sort of condition,and are shipped out fast to the recycling bin.

Another batch of red faced Guardsmen marched in today. The Mould that produced these re-released soldiers were first used I do believe in 1960 onwards. I must admit it is only the marching Foot Guards that I am most interested in, and the casual Horse Guards off the toffee tins are heading for the local Charity Shop. Like most things these come in two`s, and priced at £1.49 for the two, i can afford to take the loss.
                                                More Jean Hoeffler toy figures.

                            I do nearly have several complete sets of the Cowboys & Indians.

Timpo Knights

Above all the figures are recast, and can be bought quite cheaply. The flat bases show them to be new figures.

  Below is Arthur Pendragon,and some of you might recall I painted a copy of him ,that had been  produced in China. Anyway all these figures are his Knights of the Round Table,and they are period toys from 1960`s,and how you tell that to be the case is they all have MADE IN ENGLAND in raised letters on the top of their bases.

                               I managed to obtain two sets in near perfect condition.

                                   These seemed to have invaded my work table.


                                                                   Hail Arthur

Timpo also produced a metal set of Arthur and his Knights in 1953. Those above are up to date recast figures and they cost £18 to £20 each.

                                                                         Britains Toys

Those Britains Wild West Signs, were a great find and all in Mint Condition. Not easy to find. 

Britains Indian Braves and Canoes

These will look great on the water when I get time to make them all a float.

Above a Timpo Toy. One of my Favourites

Below a Conversation

" I tell you he has."____ " No way. That`s not possible." ___ " He has I`ve seen it." ___ "Me Too!" ___" A Magic Wond?" ____ " Yes."___ " Yip!"__ " O`,Yes!" ___ " I saw it work." __" Did You ???   The other three asked. " Yip! Just look down below. If`en Ya don`t believe Me. BB is about to use it again."  

The Easy Conversion

Please Guys,don`t ask I only have the one.


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