Tuesday, 1 September 2015

BB`s Toy Figures 1 Presented by Beano Boy

After Pondering upon it,i decided to write this Journal down as indeed i first wrote it along with the accompanying photo`s too. This is part of a greater work i started on 01 Aus 2014,with the first posting onto Benno`s Figure Forum.  Great, meaning Large,not Great.
These are a few old toy figures in with a few new ones. I must admit that I don`t like the pole that hold the horses up. 

The Indian Warriors are vintage toy figures from yesteryear and were made by Creasent, in the late 1950`s and early 1960`s.

                                                              Merry Go Round.

The Mexican Bandits have the saddle moulded onto them. So  you are not going to lose them. However you might lose the horses.

Here are another three  on foot this time along with the famous Pig! 
A Mystery Figure that came in from a Job Lot bought on E bay ! Of course i would remember it later.
These are vintage toy figures from Creasent too,and from the same time period already mentioned.

Above are some conversions using very cheap toy figures. All painted by myself several years ago after giving them new hats and extra ammo belts. ( 5 Years! ) I expect many a bright eyed child had fun at play with these over the years.

                                               Another three from the Mexican set

Above on horse back another three from the Steve Westons mounted set of Mexican Bandit.
The Mystery Figure Revealed
Finding out he was a copy from China, I had thrown him out several times in the past, but Mrs B,always retrieved him from the recycling bin,and so in the end I painted him,while I was doing other stuff.
He is a copy of a Timpo Figure,and as such,he is the Son of Uthur Pendragon. He is Arthur,Arthur Pendragon,and it is the Great Lion of England on his shield,and not a Dragon. As a cheap toy,he stands with Excalidor in hand ready for the oncoming battles. OOH-RAH!
 He `ll win no place in competition,but I am well pleased with the way he looks now instead of that awful black. BB

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