Monday, 7 September 2015

Concord Stagecoach 1/16 Scale Presented by Beano Boy

The long awaited for box arrived at long last,and all the way from Texas USA. It was delayed by five days by HM Customs and also costing me an extra £21.30 Import Tax.

                                                          i Always wanted one of these.
What`s in the Box?
The contents are sliding about in the box which means no internal wrapping which ain`t good folks.

The box is near half the size of our Freezer.

                                                             Lets get it opened.
The little Fiddle Wood Gnomes first rummage of contents.
Seem`s interesting. The print is very small. I must go get my Spec`s.

 Mrs B, asked "Are you pleased Paul?"____________" You Bet I am." was my Smiling reply.
My O` My!  They are Huge!
All the Pieces!

Great looking horses.

                                                Thin plastic and hollow inside.

I will fill these up with Plaster of Paris, to make them solid and heavy and not prone to tipping over during putting the rig on.

                               The pen was laid there to give one the sense of scale.

                                           The Driver & Guard, and the Holdup Man

I know it`s large size but the box art is to my liking very much.

All this would fit into a half size box which would certainly save the parts from sliding about during the shipping process. I stood on a kitchen chair to take this shot. Yip! that's my foot.

   I could have bought this on Amazon UK,but shopping around on Line,I managed in spite of the dreaded Tax Man a saving of  £38.10.

It will just fit above the stairs and will be one of the first things we see of a morning when getting up.


  1. That is just amazing! What a fabulous model, can't wait to see your progress with it.

  2. Thanks for commenting Michael, at present the very large box sits on a top shelf in my collection. It is a massive scale. At present much to much work to do on other stuff to start on this type jigsaw. However lots of other things will be posted. Hopefully they might be found of interest to some. BB

  3. Hi Paul, it`s really good to see you`ve dropped in to pay me a visit. Yes, it is as you mention enormous! I agree, and one thing is for certain it will never qualify to be a box of Bods like those on your supper Blog! The very best toys come from the USA even if they are made in China,but Crippling Shipping Costs,and Extra Import Tax has ment a turn around for myself buying US Stuff now. BB